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Today we are reviewing a cute children’s show:
Masha and the Bear

Masha and the Bear is a television series based on Russian folk tale. The cartoon features the adventures of a little girl named Masha and an big silly old bear.  Little Masha is always on an adventure, and trying to get the bear to tag along. He would rather just sleep or play checker of course. The animation is great on this show and you’ll fall in love with the characters on the show.


My Review

The little girl is adorable, precocious and silly, just like most little toddlers. It is really a sweet show. I love it. Some shows I just cringe at and can barely sit through with my granddaughter but this one is cute enough that I can actually sit and watch the adventures of little Masha and the Bear. This is my favorite children’s show of today .

We don’t have tv at our house, we basically watch Netflix or Youtube when we are seeking out kid’s shows. Masha and the Bear are on both.


How my Granddaughter Likes it

My granddaughter loves it! She will sit long enough to watch a whole show. Usually she is up and about in less then a couple minutes or easily distracted or bored. But this one really grabs her attention. It’s nice when grandma and granddaughter  need a little “down time, ” or right before nap time to help settle her down.

She giggles at all their antics, especially when the bear fake sleeps and Masha won’t leave him alone. It’s cute to see her develop a humor. This was the first show I saw her “giggle” at.

Note: I want to comment on the fact that my almost 2 year old granddaughter does not care if we watch the English version or the Russian version. She likes them both and laughs at the humor in both of them.


You can Subscribe to their YouTube Channel Here

toy review on masha and the bear

Here are some of her Favorite Episodes

“Jam Day” (In English)

“Oatmeal Explosion Cruel Gruel” (In Russian)


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