Great Gifts for Your Crafter Friend

ten items that a crafter needs

1. Scissors

Whether your a sewer and need fabric sheers or a crafter and need pinking sheers, any scissors are good scissors.

2. Glue

We need all different types of this. Wood glue, fabric glue, glue sticks or standard glue.

3. Scrapbooking items

These items we use for everything!! Not just scrapbooking. They are useful in all kinds of projects.


4. Paint

All kinds of paint, fabric, craft and spray paint. So many projects, so many paints!

5. Mod Podge

Another item that we always need for many different projects. And there’s many different kinds, you can never have enough! You need gloss and matte and sparkle and glow in the dark!


6. Buttons

Another necessary element to any craft!

7. Nails and Screws

8. Hand Tools

Screwdrivers and hammers and all the hand held tool are always a great gift for the crafter!

9. Electric Tools

Electric screwdrivers, dremel tools and sanders are all great gifts for a crafter!

10. Glue Gun

How many of these do we go through a year? Many. Can’t have enough and a really good one is a Godsend!

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