Halloween Party for Kids

Halloween Party for Kids

Happy Halloween everyone! So, you’re planning a party for little ones huh? Maybe some bigger ones too? I mean we are all kids on Halloween right? Candy, dress up, monsters and parties, what a fun holiday! So anyways below we will try to post some fun ideas and decorations for your Halloween party!

Let us know if you have a picture you would like us to show off!

First you will need some cute invitations!

Think about if you are doing a theme for your party. Some fun themes are witches, skeletons, ghosts, monsters jack o’lanterns. Or you can just mix it all together. Here are some fun ideas for invitations.

Pink Spider Halloween Birthday InvitationsHalloween Birthday Invitation / Halloween Invite

View Halloween Invitations online at zazzle or Amazon

Children’s Halloween Party Decorations

Next you’ll need to decide on some decorations for your party. Is it going to be inside or outside? In one room or the whole house?  Will you be decorating the front porch or random rooms like the bathroom? There are all kinds of fun decorations for a children’s Halloween party!

Find more Halloween Decorations Here

Halloween Children’s Party Games

Youll want some fun games for the kids to play to keep them busy! Here are some spider ring tosses, spin the witchy wheel, Halloween Bingo and some other fun games!

Find More Halloween Games Here

Favors and Prizes for Games

Here are some cute ideas for Halloween party favors or prizes for whomever wins the games! Here are some funny awards for Best Costume, Halloween toys, LED rings and stamps.

See More Halloween Party Favors Here

Trick or Treats

One of the funnest parts of planning and the funnest part of the party itself is all the treats! Figure out what kind of food you’d like to have. Will it be a full meal like chili and finger foods, will it be a snack table or a dessert bar?

Check out some of these fun Halloween treat posts:

+Skeleton Eating Halloween Candy Cake Pops Halloween Spider Cake Pops Happy Halloween Green Skeleton Party Round Shortbread Cookie The Day of The Dead Cute Cat Chocolate Dipped Oreo

Plates, Napkins and Cups

And there are lots of fun plates sets to serve your fun snacks on! Many of these you can personalize! Just click on the one you like for details!

SUGAR SKULL Halloween 7" Party Plates 

Show off your Pictures of your Halloween Party!
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