Happy 2017 Everyone!

happy new year

Happy New Year’s Day everyone!

As New Year’s Eve draws to a close and we say goodbye to 2016 and we welcome in 2017, we wish everyone a healthy, happy prosperous year!

2016 brought lots of surprises. Trump got elected, many celebrities passed, silly fads came and went such as SNL’s skit on David Pumpkins, Pokemons and drones and click here to see some of the other fun fads of 2016.

We hope that 2017 brings everyone health, happiness and prosperity!

An Ode to 2016

Each year Brings,
New Songs to Sing
New Shows to Watch
New Style, New Bling

2017 brought in
Pokemon  Go,
David S. Pumpkins
and Selfie Poles

Children opened Surprise Eggs on Youtube
Adults sat on Twitter
Even our New President Elect
Tweeted so Bitter

Which Brings us to

Trump got Elected
Hillary got Rejected
Who could see this coming?
We all should start running!

Obama took the blame
for Everything anyone else did
While being blocked
From doing anything good

Our Country took
2,000 Steps Backward
As Prejudice Awoke
and We Elected a Bastard

Police and citizens
Went to Battle with Each Other
Instead of Supporting
One another

We lost David Bowie,
Prince and Muhammad Ali,
Alan Thicke and Carrie Fisher,
and her mom the next day.

But while it feels like
the world is imploding
a homeless man stopped a bomb
from exploding.

Obama visited Cuba
which made History
Let’s hope that Trump
Doesn’t ruin that glory

Homelessness declined
about 3%
Over 300 people
turned out for the Funeral
of a Homeless Vet

Millions of Trees were planted in India
to Prevent Climate Change
Populations of Grizzly Bears and Tigers
are increasing out on the Range

Leonardo DiCaprio finally
won his first Oscar,
But his true strengths in life
is the Humanitarian Efforts
He Offers

So Let’s All Follow his Lead,
and Make 2017 Better
Let’s all support each other,
We might be in for Tough Weather

But if we are
“All in”
We will come out Better
Again, we must
All Support Each other.

Let’s bring more
Love, Light and Joy
into this World

Let’s Throw out Hate,
Violence and Suffering
There’s not Room no More

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