Happy National Cream-Filled Donut Day! September 14th

National Cream-Filled Donut Day

September 14th

If there was a holiday we ever wanted to celebrate, it would be this! Today you are encouraged to bite into one of these lovely cream-filled donuts! Yum! Whether you like vanilla, strawberry, cherry or chocolate, there will be a cream-filled donut for you!


Did you know that …

  • The difference between Bavarian cream and Boston Cream is that Bavarian cream is more thicker and solid texture while Boston cream is more creamy.
  • Bavarian cream is made with heavy cream and whipped cream.
  • Boston cream mainly uses milk and eggs and is more like custard.
  • Bavarian Kreme is has powdered sugar on the top.
  • Boston Cream has a coating of chocolate on the top.
  • Bavarian creams first appeared in the United States in Boston Cooking School cookbooks, by D. A. Lincoln, 1884, and by Fannie Merritt Farmer, 1896. The Fannie Farmer Cookbook offers a “Bavarian Cream.”
  • During Halloween season Dunkin Donuts adds an orange swirl to their Boston Kremes making them become The Boston Screams.

  • In 2003, the Boston Kreme became the official donut of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Senate and House of Representatives.
  • The Boston Cream doughnut was made out of inspiration from the Boston cream pie.
  • The Boston Cream Doughnut was created by chef M. Sanzian at Boston’s Parker House Hotel in 1856.
  • Bismarks have a rectangular shape and sometimes have cream filling and sometimes have no filling or a jelly filling.
  • An éclair is a long cake made out of choux pastry. This dessert is topped with milk chocolate and filled with white cream.
  • It is believed that chocolate éclairs were invented by Marie-Antoine Carême, a pastry chef for French royalty.
  • The first known recipe for the Chocolate éclair appeared in “The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book“ in 1884.
  • A Long John is a bar-shaped, yeast risen pastry like a doughnut either coated entirely with glaze or top-coated with cake icing and if they have a filling are called, Filled Long Johns.
  • In Chichester, UK bakers at The Swallow Bakery in North Street made am enormous 11ft 10in long chocolate éclair, containing eight pints of double cream, and a kilogram of chocolate-which sets the world record for the Biggest chocolate eclair.
  • The fastest time to eat three chocolate éclairs is 18.02 seconds by Furious Pete, aka Peter Czerwinski (Canada), at MEATMarket in Covent Garden, London, UK, on 10 July 2013.

Cream-Filled Donut Recipes

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