Happy Truck Drivers Day – August 12th

Truck Drivers Day

August 12th

Today we recognize the hard work of truck drivers.

Truck drivers help get products to the stores so we can buy them. Without truck drivers we would not be able to order from Amazon or buy our groceries at the grocery store.

Did you know that…

  • Charles Freuhauf, a German-American blacksmith, invented the first tractor trailer back in 1914 because he needed a way to transport his boat.
  • Truckers spend more than 240 nights away from home each year.
  • Truckers who drive for small businesses drive a yearly average of more than 115,000 miles.
  • Only 6% of truck drivers are women.
  • 40.6% of all trucking jobs are held by minorities — significantly above the 22% national average.
  • 40 percent of truckers take pets—mostly dogs and cats—on the road with them.
  • The average commercial truck consumes 20,500 gallons of gas each year.
  • Emissions from heavy trucks have been cut over 95% in the past two decades, due to EPA regulations.
  • Walmart employs more than 8,600 truckers. On average, a Walmart trucker earns nearly $88,000 per year.
  • Clothing is the #1 transferred good in the United States.
  • The average big rig carries 80,000 pounds, or 40 tons, of freight at one time.
  • If long-haul truckers stopped driving, most grocery stores would start running out of food in just three days.


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