Harvey Milk Day

Mural by John Baden of Harvey Milk with his quote, “If ever a bullet should enter my brain, let the bullet destroy every closet door”, in the store that was Castro Camera, now Given at 575 Castro Street.
Photo by Daniel Nicoletta Harvey Milk as Mayor for a Day March 7, 1978

Harvey Milk Day is organized by the Harvey Milk Foundation and celebrated each year on May 22nd in memory of gay rights activist, Harvey Milk. Harvey Milk was a prominent gay activist during the twentieth century. He ran for office three times before becoming the first openly gay person elected into California public office, where he acted as a city supervisor.

Sadly, Harvey served less than a year in public office. He was assassinated by a a disgruntled city supervisor in 1978. But his life, motivation and goals profoundly changed a city, state, nation and a global community.

Ted Sahl, Kat Fitzgerald, Patrick Phonsakwa, Lawrence McCrorey, Darryl Pelletier, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons
Harvey goes to Gay Pride San Jose.

Harvey Milk Day came about as a day to remember and teach about Milk’s life and his work to stop the discrimination against LGBTQ+ people. In California, Harvey Milk Day is recognized by the state’s government as a day of special significance for public schools. The day was established by the California legislature and signed into law by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2009 after a series of petitions led by gay rights activist Daren I. Ball.

Many people first learned about Harvey Milk through the award-winning feature film Milk retracing Milk’s life. Sean Penn played Harvey Milk and won an Oscar for best actor for his portrayal of Harvey Milk.

Harvey’s friends and Family put together a foundation in his honor. They wanted to carry on the Harvey’s message of hope and equality. The Milk Foundation seeks to inspire individuals, communities and organizations to carry on his values in a timeless vision for a better world. They have many talks, presentations and events around the world.

Visit https://milkfoundation.org/ to learn more about Harvey Milk, his past, and the future projects the foundation made in his honor to carry on his message of hope and equality.

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