Horoscope Sign Aquarius

horoscope zodiac sign aquarius

Aquarius Traits and Personalities

You may be quite the humanitarian, caring about several different causes. Even though you are probably a bit shy, you still have a strong drive to help others and find it hard not to get involved. You are good at getting along with different types of people, as long as they are not too argumentative or emotional, which makes you very diplomatic.

Sometimes your independence and need for “alone time” can be misconstrued as aloofness or being “anti-social” at times. But being the intellectual that you are, you need this quiet time for research and planning. You are a leader rather then a follower and like to put words into action and lead the way for others. This comes from your ruling planet, Uranus which is a shy, yet social and a somewhat planet. You fit into “group actions” which pushes you into getting involved in causes rather then a lot of “one on one” friendships or relationships.

Because you are an intellectual you will get bored easy and need to keep your mind stimulated. You are good at setting goals and working hard to achieve them.

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