Hot Toddy Day – January 11th

Hot Toddy Day

What is a Hot Toddy?

A hot toddy is a mixed drink made of liquor and water with honey, cinnamon and sometimes other spices, and served hot. It is common to drink before going to bed, on a cold day or if sick with a cold or flu.

When is Hot Toddy Day?

Hot Toddy Day is celebrated annually on January 11th.

History of the Hot Toddy

Some believe that the name of the drink came from the Irish-born doctor, Robert Bentley Todd, for his prescription of a hot drink of brandy, Canella, sugar syrup, and water. It is believed to have spread to North America when American colonists during the Revolutionary War would drink hot toddies as a form of “liquid courage” before needing to fight. Others believe hot toddies originated in Scotland during the 18th century and that the recipe was developed to make the taste of Scotch whiskey taste better. One theory suggests that the word “toddy” evolved from “Tod’s well” (also known as Todian Spring), the water supply for Edinburgh.

How to Observe

So you know what to do! Make yourself a Hot Toddy today before bedtime and enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling it will bring you!

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