How to Make Metallic Easter Eggs

how to make easter eggs

How to you make Easter Eggs look metallic and shimmery?

It’s fun coming up with new ideas on how to make your Easter eggs pretty or stand out for the normal dyed eggs. Giving them a metallic hue is one fun way! But how do you do it?

Well it’s simpler then you think!

Here are a couple fun ways!

1. Easter Egg Metallic Mist Spray

  Just spray them with Color Mist Food Colorer. This comes in a variety of colors but you can choose gold, silver or pearl to get this affect!

2. Metallic Pens

The other option would be to decorate it with a food pen! These come in gold and silver too! Great for little kids, not as messy as dyes.

3. Metallic Egg Easter Egg Kit

There is also this Metallic Easter Egg Kit which can be just purchased on Amazon by clicking the picture below.

4. Already made Metallic Easter Eggs

 Metallic Pearl Artificial Easter Eggs- Set of 12

5. Metallic Easter Egg Dye

PAAS Flashy Foil Easter Egg Dye Kit

6. Shimmery Easter Egg Dye
PAAS Easter Egg Gold Shimmer Dye Kit TRG

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