Important Event Reminder Magnets

Important Event Reminder Magnets

Do you worry about your memory sometimes? In this busy world with hectic schedules it’s not  a surprise that we forget things now and again. Going to work, picking up the kids from soccer practice, grocery shopping, cleaning, running errands and all the stuff we do to just try to keep up pretty much takes up all the space in one’s mind.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember the most important events that happen each year, such as Grandma Betty’s birthday, or nephew Jake’s graduation date. Here is a cute way to forever remember all the important dates without having to write them down on a calendar each year.

Introducing, “Reminder Magnets.” The personalized photo and date magnets you can customize for each important event in your life during the year. Never again forget Uncle Conrad’s birthday or forget to reserve the hotel for cousin Alice’s wedding. Just personalize these magnets and stick them on your refrigerator, locker or any metal surface where you will see them everyday!

You’l never again be in trouble for forgetting your anniversary. ♥ They also make great gifts, stocking stuffers and are awesome for grandparents to keep of grandchildren’s birthdays!

If you have any suggestions for other events  just post them below in the comments and we will get them made for you!

Here’s a sample of some Reminder Magnets.


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