Inflatable Furniture.. Wait What?

Inflatable Furniture

Funny Fad of 2018

Have you seen the new trend of inflatable furniture? Yes, it’s for real. Furniture you can… inflate. Now you may be asking yourself, why would I need, or even want a couch I could blow up? But there are a lot of reasons you need blow up furniture in your life and we will show you some!

Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa

This awesome inflatable couch is waterproof and could come in handy in many situations. A couple scenarios where you might like this is camping, while you are tail gating, if you are having a kid’s birthday party and you may need somewhere for kids to sit or nap. This would also be nice if you are having a backyard cookout and needed some extra furniture for your guests to be comfortable.


Intex Pull-out Sofa Inflatable Bed

Did you throw a party and you maybe have some unexpected guests? Did your teenagers bring home a couple friends to spend the night?  Well now you can quickly whip out this sofa sleeper couch and use it for either a couch or bed. Make your guests feel at home sleeping on this blow up bed instead of crashing on the floor.

Intex Beanless Bag Club Chair, Inflatable Chair

This comfy chair is perfect for an extra guest. If you are a gamer and a friend needs a seat quick, just pull this out and you have an extra gaming chair for him or her.  It’s the perfect size to be comfortable while playing. Also small enough for easy storage under your bed or in your closet.

Intex Inflatable Ultra Lounge with Ottoman

This chair is good for the same reasons stated about. But also comes with the extra convenient ottoman for added comfort. This is also comfy if you are at the beach and don’t want to sit on the ground, especially if you are like me with back problems and need something soft to sit on and be able to put your feet up.

Intex Inflatable Mega Lounge Chair

This lounge chair is really awesome. It’s perfect to get all comfy out on your back deck or you could bring it with to the beach. Perfect way to just lunge around with your friends.  Store it in your car and keep it handy for anytime you are in an uncomfortable position and need to get comfy.

Thumbs Up Inflatable Gummy Chair with Pump

This awesomely cute blow up chair is perfect to add into your child’s room if you are limited on space. It’s also handy to bring it along when you go camping to the park or to the beach. It’s shiny material make sit easy to clean too. Just spray it with a hose or wipe down with a damp cloth to get off sand and dirt or anything that might of been spilled on it.
Cute and fun!

Bestway Multi-Max II Inflatable Air Chair

This awesome chair is waterproof and flocked too. It is cusy and comfortable and even comes with a drink holder on the arm of it. Sit back in style while your friends are all on hard lawn chairs and enjoy!


Inflatable Chair Set for Children

Adorable little play set for your children. You could put this in a play room, their bedroom for friends, or outside in the yard for them. 

WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock

What can we even say about this blow up inflatable hammock? Comfy for just hanging out camping, at the beach or anywhere outside. Also great to nap on or sleep for the night! 

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