Inspirational Blog Posts to Read for the Holidays

inspirational-christmas-stories1 Sometimes the holidays loose their true meanings. It is easy to worry about what present to get whom and how to cook the turkey or how to get as many presents as possible under the tree… but what about the TRUE meaning.

What about gratitude? What about compassion? What about sharing and teaching and helping and truly being there for another human being. Yes, we should practice this yearly, not just on holidays, but maybe holidays are a good time to stop in your tracks and take a moment to teach a child about these things.

What about on Christmas Eve taking your child to a play about Jesus, or helping serve dinner to people in need at the local church or food pantry. I write this not as a religious person, but as someone who  just wants to see the world become a better place. 

Here are some wonderful blog posts with very inspiring messages for this holiday season. ♥

The 8 Most Inspiring Things Human Beings Do Every Day

100 People Doing Extraordinary Things

10 Inspiring Acts of Generosity

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

100 Things to be Thankful for this Year

A Man was driving his car when he saw an old lady .. (Warning: this is short and sweet but will make you cry.)

A Woman Lending a Helping Hand to Natural Disasters

3 Stories of Christmas Wishes Granted

Christmas quotes

Wishing Everyone a Happy Holiday, May your Wishes come true!


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