January 13th Holidays, Horoscope and History

Happy January 13th Everyone!

Below is a ton of information about today such as famous birthdays, random trivia, horoscope information and which holidays fall on today! Hope you find something to celebrate today!

January 13th Holidays

Happy January 13th everyone!  We hope today is a good day for you. You can add some fun to it by looking through the holiday list below and finding something to celebrate today!  Today has all kinds of fun holidays, from sticker collecting to eating peaches. See what  can add some fun into your day!

  • Korean American Day
    Korean American Day on January 13th commemorates the arrival of the first Korean immigrants to the United States in 1903 and also honors the Korean American’s immense contributions to every aspect of society.
  • Make Your Dream Come True DayPeach-Melba-1
    Take a day to just work on your dreams. Put the routine things aside for a day and take a few steps in the right direction  towards your dream.
  • National Peach Melba Day
    Peach Melba is a dessert of peaches and raspberry sauce with vanilla ice cream. It was invented around 1892  by the French chef Auguste Escoffier at the Savoy Hotel, London, to honor the Australian soprano Nellie Melba. PS Melba toast was also made for her.
  • National Rubber Ducky Day
    On a 1973 Sesame Street calendar, Rubber Duckie’s Birthday is January 13th. So every January 13th we celebrate National Rubber Ducky Day! Duckie was a friend of Ernie and Big Bird, and made his debut in a February 1970 episode.
  • Public Radio Broadcasting Day 
    The first public radio broadcast in history took place on January 13, 1910, when a live opera featuring some of the most renowned opera singers of the day was broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera House.
  • National Sticker Day
    Stickers started being used by European merchants in the 1800’s. they used gum paste  to stick their stickers onto products to attract passerby’s.  The observance is in honor of R. Stanton Avery, who was born on April 13th in 1907. Avery was the original creator of the adhesive label with removable backing.
  • Stephen Foster Memorial Day
    Stephen Foster Memorial Day is a United States Federal Observance Day observed on January 13.  Stephen Foster Memorial Day celebrates the life of American songwriter Stephen Foster. The date commemorates date that Foster died.

January 13th Horoscope Sign is CapricornZodiac Sign Capricorn Goat Symbol and Horoscope Square Sticker

Time period: December 21 – January 19th
: Earth
Quality: Cardinal
Ruling planet: Saturn
Symbol: Sea-Goat
Sign ruler: Saturn, Uranus
Birthstone: Garnet
Lucky Numbers: 4, 8, 13, 22

January 13th Holidays, Horoscope and History
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What do these Celebrities have in Common?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus 2012Liam Hemsworth June 2016Patrick Dempsey 2016 avp BJShonda Rhimes 2008Orlando Bloom at Venice Festival

If you were born on January 13th, you Share a Birthday with:

  • 1961- Julia Louis-Dreyfus, American actress best known for playing Elain on Seinfeld, was born in Manhattan, New York City, NY,
  • 1966 – Patrick Dempsey, American actor known for playing Dr McDreamy on Grey’s Anatomy, was born in Lewiston, ME.
  • 1979 – Shonda Rhimes, American television producer of many shows was born in Chicago, IL. She has writter and produced Grey’s Anatomy, how to Get Away with Murder, Scandal,  Private Practice, and most recently Bridgerton.
  • 1990 – Liam Hemsworth, Australian actor, husband of Miley Cyrus, was born in Melbourne, Australia. You have seen him in Hunger Games, The Last Song, Independence day and many more.
  • 1977 – Orlando Bloom, English Actor was born in Canterbury, United Kingdom. He has starred in Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lord of the Rings, Troy, Black Hawk Down and so many more.  He has a baby daughter with Katy Perry.

 January 13th History

Here is a list of Trivia, Celebrity Birthdays, Historical Events and other random info about April 8th.
  • 1605 – The controversial play “Eastward Hoe” by Ben Jonson, George Chapman, and John Marston is performed, landing two of the authors in prison. Eastward  Hoe was a city comedy about Touchstone, a London goldsmith, and his two apprentices, Quicksilver and Golding.  King James was offended by the satirical take on social customs in early modern London. Eventually everyone was released after deals were made.
  • 1840 – The steamship Lexington burns and sinks four miles off the coast of Long Island with the loss of 139 lives.
  • 1842 – Dr. William Brydon, an assistant surgeon in the British East India Company Army  during the First Anglo-Afghan War, becomes famous for being the sole survivor of an army of 4,500 men and 12,000 camp followers when he reaches the safety of a garrison in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.
  • 1930 – Disney’s ‘Mickey Mouse’ newspaper strip first appeared. In the strip, our ambitious hero is again inspired by Charles Lindbergh to pursue the building of his own airplane.
  • 1939 – The Black Friday bush fires burn 20,000 square kilometers of land in Australia, claiming the lives of 71 people. Several towns were totally destroyed.
  • 1942 –  The #1 movie was, “Babes on Broadway,” starring Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland.
  • 1966 – Robert C. Weaver becomes the first African American Cabinet member when he is appointed United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • 1966 – Tabitha was born on ABC’s Bewitched. The episode titled, “And Then There Were Three.”
  • 1969 – Dick York who played “Samantha’s husband,” collapsed on the set of Bewitched and is rushed to the hospital. He resigned from the show due to his persistent back injury and was replaced by Dick Sargent. [The Two Darrens]
  • 1977 – The song, “You Don’t Have To Be A Star (To Be In My Show),” by  Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr. was the #1 song on the Hot 100 Billboard.
  • 1978 – The #1 movie was, “Saturday Night Fever,” starring John Travolta.
  • 1981 – The #1 movie was, “9 to 5,” starring Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda.
    Some 9 t0 5 trivia:
    * Dolly Parton accepted the role with the condition that she would write and sing the theme song, which was nominated for an Academy Award and won two Grammys.
    * 9 to 5 was the first female dominated film to gross $100 million dollars.
    * To prepare for her role as Judy Bernly, a middle-aged divorcée entering the workforce, Jane Fonda interviewed numerous women who had entered the workforce late in life due to divorce or widowhood. It inspired Judy’s first day overly conservative outfit.
    *The movie spurred a reasonably successful sitcom television series Nine to Five in 1982 which went for eighty-five episodes.
    * Lily Tomlin originally turned down the role of Violet because she was working on the movie The Incredible Shrinking Woman but the 9 to 5 producers postponed taping so it would fit her schedule.
    * The license plate frame on the rear of Violet Newstead’s (Lily Tomlin’s) car reads, “Secretaries do it 9 to 5”.
    * This was Dolly Parton’s first film.
    * Jane Fonda was the initiator of this film. It was the third (of six) by her production company, IPC Films.
  • 1985 – A passenger train plunges into a ravine in Ethiopia, killing 428 in the worst railroad disaster in Africa.Robert C. Weaver official portrait
  • 1990 – Douglas Wilder becomes the first elected African American governor as he takes office in Richmond, Virginia.
  • 1993 – Space Shuttle program: Endeavour heads for space for the third time as STS-54 launches from the Kennedy Space Center. The primary reason was the fifth Tracking and Data Relay Satellite which was deployed on day one of the mission. It was later successfully transferred to its proper orbit by the Inertial Upper Stage booster. Also carried into orbit in the payload bay was a Hitchhiker experiment called the Diffuse X-ray Spectrometer. This instrument collected data on X-ray radiation from diffuse sources in deep space.
  • 1983 – The song, ” Maneater,” by  Daryl Hall  and John Oates was the #1 song on the Hot 100 Billboard.
  • 1997 – The #1 movie was, “Beverly Hills Ninja.”
  • 2001 – An earthquake hits El Salvador, killing more than 800.
  • 2018 – A false emergency alert warning of an impending missile strike in Hawaii caused widespread panic in the state. Cell phone users received a message saying: “Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill.” State Governor David Ige later apologized and said it was caused by an employee pressing the wrong button.
  • 2021 – President Trump is impeached for a second time, the first president to ever have this happen, for “incitement of insurrection.” [NBC]

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