Jelly Beads, Fun for Kids and Adults!


Welcome to the Wonderful World of Jelly or Water Beads!

What are jelly or water beads? 

Water crystal gel or water beads is any gel which contains a large amount of water. Water gel is usually composed of a water-absorbing polymer such as a polyacrylamide. These beads absorb over 100 x their weight in water to form round pearls that slowly release water back into their environment. They have several used such as for watering plants, flower decoration for flower arrangements, candle arrangements, fun experiments and a teaching tool for kids.

Things you can do with Jelly Beads

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How Magic Jelly Beadz Work

Children Having fun with Orbeez Magic Pearls

Ryan takes a bath in Orbeez Water Beads

2 Ounce Pack- 60 Grams – (Almost 4,000 ) Jelly BeadZ Water Bead Gel- Bright Rainbow Mix

JellyBeadZ are colorfast, non toxic, and biodegradable.
They are a great learning tool and lots of fun for children.

2 Ounce Pack- 60 Grams – (Almost 4,000 ) Jelly BeadZ Water Bead Gel- Bright Rainbow Mix

Jelly BeadZ JB Water Bead Gel, 8oz, Rainbow Mix

Magic Beadz – Jelly Water Beads Grow Many Times Original Size – Fun for All Ages – Over 20,000 Beads

Orbeez – Ultimate Soothing Spa

Orbeez – Mood Lamp

Orbeez – Massaging Body Spa

Jelly BeadZ® 4 Color- Make Your Own Ocean -Water Bead Gel 4 Packs of 10 Grams Per Pack


1 pack Jelly BeadZ® Glow-in-the-dark Water Bead Gel – Rainbow Mixed colors – one 10 Gram Pack – makes 2 Quarts

Orbeez Crush – Sweet Treats Studio


Warning: These are not for small children under 3 years old or that may still put things in there mouth. Please read this recall.

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