Join us for “A Magnificent New Normal” w/ Jeffrey Smith

Join us for “A Magnificent New Normal” w/ Jeffrey Smith

How will you respond to the calling of our collective future? 

The global shutdown has shifted our world into a “phase transition.” These are magical windows of opportunity found throughout nature, where profound change is possible.

Collectively, you could say we have lifted ourselves out of the deep grooves of our lives and we are now determining what our new grooves will look like. This is the opportune time for wise input. This is the time to embrace vision, empowerment and new choices.

—>>Find support and inspiration to evolve and transform when you attend this complimentary, online event!

Your host, Jeffrey Smith, is a gifted interviewer who is always willing to go to unexpected places. He created this event to provide an opportunity for us to come into alignment and envision what our future together could look like.

You’ll learn how indigenous cultures predicted this special time, how the new science of consciousness redefines what is possible and how to take full advantage of this critical window to unlock your own transformation.

People who attended our initial event were blown away. One person said, “This is the most uplifting summit I have ever come across.” Another attendee wrote us saying, “This series marks a definite leap in the evolution of consciousness.”

A Magnificent New Normal will help you answer questions like:

What is your vision for a post-pandemic civilization?
What inspires you to stand up and take part?
Do you feel a pull to become something magnificent?
As you step into full power, how can you bring it into the world? 
How do you find your authentic voice?
Which daily habits do you want to redefine?
Don’t miss Jeffrey’s inspiring and life-changing interviews with luminaries Bruce Lipton, Jewel, Lynne Twist, Lynne McTaggart, Eben Alexander, David Perlmutter, Allison Armstrong, Nina Simons, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Sue Morter, Zach Bush and so many more awe-inspiring visionaries! Join them at the forefront of manifesting this new paradigm!

—>>We’ll see you online at A Magnificent New Normal when you register today!

Wishing All Well,
Time for the Holidays

P.S. When you register for A Magnificent New Normal, you’ll also unlock early-access interviews, complimentary guides and helpful eBooks about living your most resilient life!

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