June 2nd Holidays, Awareness Days and Observances

awareness dayswhat happened on june 2ndJune 2nd Holidays, Awareness Days and Observances

Everyday is full of quirky, silly and sometimes very serious holidays, awareness days and observances.  Check out this list below and see if there is anything you’d like to celebrate! Put on your party hat or get down and serious about spreading awareness for a cause! Then scroll down to the bottom of this page to see what happened on this day on June 2nd in the past.

  • American Indian Citizenship Day
    On June 2nd, 1924, Congress enacted the Indian Citizenship Act, President Calvin Coolidge signed into law a bill which granted citizenship to all Native Americans born in the U.S. The right to vote, however, was governed by state law; until 1957, some states barred Native Americans from voting. Read the document here.
  • I Love My Dentist Day
    June 2nd is the day to show your dentist how much you appreciate them! Take a pic of your beautiful smile and tag your dentist on your social media!
  • National Bubba Day
    Comedian, T. Bubba Bechtol, founded National Bubba Day to celebrate everyone we call Bubba. The day originally took place on May 1st but was moved to June 2nd in honor of his wife, Bubbalicious.
  • National Rocky Road Day
    On June 2nd we celebrate that  lovely chocolate ice cream full of nuts, and marshmallows.
  • National Rotisserie Chicken Day
    This holiday was founded by Boston Market Restaurants in April of 2015 to celebrate the yumminess of slow cooked rotisserie chickens. In May of 2015, the Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the day to be observed on June 2nd, annually.
  • Yell “Fudge” at the Cobras in North America Day
    So the story goes that on June 2nd, if you are in North America, you are to go outside at noon, face south, and yell “fudge!” This is to make sure Cobras do not reach North America. Apparently Cobras hate fudge. And understand English. 

Historic Events that Happened on June 2nd

1692 – Bridget Bishop is the first person to be tried for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts; sadly she was found guilty and later hanged.

1835 – P. T. Barnum and his circus start their first tour of the United States.PT Barnum 1851-crop

1909 – Alfred Deakin becomes Prime Minister of Australia for the third time.

1937 – Jimmy Jones, American singer-songwriter, with hit, “Handy Man,” was born.

1941: American baseball player Lou Gehrig passed away from ALS, which was named after him as “Lou  Gerhrig’s Disease.”

1953: Queen Elizabeth II is crowned 16 months after the death of her father, King George VI, 16 months previously.

1967: Benno Ohnesorg is killed when a police officer shot the unarmed German student at a demonstration against the state visit of the controversial Shah of Iran.

1967 – Luis Monge is executed in Colorado’s gas chamber, in the last pre-Furman execution in the United States.

1967 – The Beatles album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band  is released in the United States.

1979: Pope John Paul II became the first pontiff to visit a communist country as
millions of people lined the streets of Warsaw as the Pope began his nine-day tour of his native Poland.

1990 – The Lower Ohio Valley tornado outbreak spawns 66 confirmed tornadoes in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, killing 12.

1997 – In Denver, Timothy McVeigh is convicted on 15 counts of murder and conspiracy for his role in the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, in which 168 people died. He was executed four years later.

2003 – Europe launches its first voyage to another planet, Mars.

2008 – Bo Diddley American singer-songwriter, guitarist was born passed away.

2012 – Richard Dawson, English-American soldier, actor, television personality, and game show host passed away.

2017 – President Trump refuses to let his racist travel ban go, he appeals the Supreme Court to reinstate it.

2020 – News is dominated by Donald Trump, Coronavirus and George Floyd Protests. 

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