Keeping your Dogs Calm on the Fourth of July

carlWe all know Rover doesn’t appreciate those fireworks the same way we do! Let’s make it the easiest and safest we can for our furry friends this 4th of July. Dogs get scared by loud noises and big booms, but there’s a couple things you can do to make them feel safe.

1. Keep your dog at home: We love to take our dogs with us to get togethers and back yard parties, but on the 4th of July it is just too much. No matter how family friendly a party may be, there is probably going to be someone who shows up with fireworks or an ambitious neighbor nearby. Just leave the dog at home and turn up the tv and shut the blinds. He will feel safer and more comfortable in familiar surroundings.

2. Keep dog in secure place. You can help your dog feel safer and more secure by putting him in a bedroom he is familiar with. Leaving him in a car at some event or taking him to a party will just make him more nervous. Again, turn on the tv or radio and draw the curtains so he can’t see the flashes and the noise will lessen the “booms.”

3. Avoid feeding your dog Scraps from the party: Remember a lot of foods that humans can
eat are toxic to dogs. Please click here to see list of foods that dogs should not eat.

4. Use only dog repellents for bugs. Don’t use human repellents as they can be toxic for dogs. There are lots of natural bug repellents for dogs too.
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5.  Canine Anti Anxiety Dog Wraps: 
If you have tried all of the above and your dog still panics,
you can try a “snuggle” blanket or wrap for your dog.
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