March 31st Holidays, Horoscope and History


March 31st Holidays

There are reasons to celebrate everyday! Some reasons are silly or quirky and some are serious  days for reflection. Either way, check out the list of today’s celebrations!

  •  César Chávez Day Cesar chavez visita a colegio cesar chavez
    Cesar Chavez Day is a U.S. federal commemorative holiday, proclaimed by President Barack Obama in 2014. The holiday celebrates the birth and legacy of the civil rights and labor movement activist César Chávez.
  • Dance Marathon Day
    On March 31, 1923, the first U.S. dance marathon ended in New York. This sounds like a fun holiday to celebrate but it actually recognizes a fad that often turned dark during the Depression. People would enter these dances because they desperately needed money but they often turns deadly as people stayed awake and dance to exhaustion.
  • Eiffel Tower Day
    Observed annually on March 31st Eiffel Tower Day is a the day to remember that  this was the day on which the tower was opened in 1889.
  • National “She’s Funny That Way” Day Heart of paris
    Today is a day to celebrate women in comedy. Once upon a time there was not a lot of female comedians, we have come a long way. Who is your favorite comedian?
  • National Bunsen Burner Day
    Annually on March 31st we celebrate National Bunsen Burner Day. This day  honors the birthday of German chemist Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen. Named after Robert Bunsen, a Bunsen burner is a common piece of laboratory equipment that produces a single open gas flame. Bunsen burners are usually used in labs for heating, sterilization, and combustion.
  • National Clams on the Half Shell Day
    Every March 31st is National Clams on a Half Shell Day. So here is a recipe for you to enjoy: Grilled Clams on the Half Shell with Ginger Mignonnette
  • National Crayola Crayon DayCrayons-silly
    March 31st is National Crayon Day so pull out those crayons and get to coloring! Gather the kids and have a fun day or arts and crafts! In 1902, Crayola brand of crayons was invented by Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith. The name was created by Mr. Binney’s wife, Alice Stead Binney, who combined the French word for Chalk (craie) with the ole from oleaginous (the paraffin wax used to make the crayons).
    Some fun facts:
    * The first Crayola crayon box sold for a nickel.
    * A Yale study found that the smell of crayons is the 18th most recognizable scent for adults in the U.S.
    * There are 120 shades of crayon colors. Actually there are about a dozen more but they are rare and hard to find.
    * The favorite crayon color of most Americans is blue
    * Crayola makes 3 billion crayons a year
    * The 100-billionth crayon was made by Fred Rogers of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood in 1996 and the color was Blue Ribbon.
    Crayon stubs are informally known as “leftolas.”
    * The World’s largest crayon is called Big Blue and is made from 123,000 leftover blue crayons collected from kids around the nation. It weighs  1,500 pounds and is almost 16 feet long!
  • National Farm Workers Day
    We could not find a lot about this holiday’s history. But we assume it means to honor and appreciate how hard farm workers work each day. Visit National Farmers Association 
  • National Tater Day
    March 31st is a great day to celebrate Tater Day! You can bake them, fry them, mash them, double bake them, scallop them, the list goes on and on! So today, enjoy some potatoes!
  • Terri’s Day
    A day to remember Terri Schiavo. After suffering a cardiac arrest in 1990 that left Terri brain damaged,  a major legal battle ensued over the right of her husband to have her feeding tube removed vs her parents who wanted her to stay on a feeding tube that was keeping her alive. It was eventually removed, resulting in her death 13 days later.
  • World Backup Day
    This is a day to remind everyone to back up your precious pictures, family’s videos and  important documents! Don’t let a faulty hard drive or broken phone steal your memories! World Backup Day originally began as World Backup Month, started by a hard drive company by the name of Maxtor which was later acquired by Seagate Technology.

March 30th Horoscope Sign is Aries

Time period: March 21 – April 19Aries Horoscope Zodiac Sign Ram Button
Ruling planet: Mars
Symbol: Ram
Zodiac quality: Cardinal
Birthstones: Topaz, Aquamarine, Jasper, Heliotrope, Diamond
Spirit Color: Red
Flower: Thistle & honeysuckle
Romantic Compatibility: Sagittarius
Traits: Independent, passionate, competitive, perfectionists, honest, energetic, sexy but can be closed minded, uncompromising and honest to a fault.

March 31st Trivia

  • 1870 – First black man to vote under the 15th Amendment Thomas Peterson-Mundy in a Perth Amboy, New Jersey special election for a city charter. 
  • 1889 – The Eiffel Tower is opened to the public. At 984 ft. it was the tallest man-made structure in the world.
  • 1923 – First Dance Marathon The marathon begins in New York City’s Audubon Ballroom. Alma Cummings won after six partners and 27 hours of continuous dancing.
  • 1927 – César Chávez d. 1993 Mexican-American labor leader, activist. Founder of the National Farm Workers Association was born.
  • 1943 – Christopher Walken 
  • 1934 – Shirley Jones American Oscar-winning actress from The Partridge Family (the mom) was born.
  • 1945 – Gabe Kaplan American actor. TV: Welcome Back, Kotter was born.
  • 1948 – Albert Gore, Jr 45th U.S. Vice-President (1993-2001) and proponent for the fight against global warming was born.  Gabe Kaplan Welcome Back Cotter 1976
  • 1948 – Rhea Perlman American Emmy-winning actress. TV: Cheers  was born.
  • 1955 – Angus Young Scottish-born rock guitarist with AC/DC was born.
  • 1966 – Luna 10 The space probe is launched by the Soviet Union. It would become the first probe to enter the moon’s orbit.
  • 1967 – Jimi Hendrix The legendary musician lights his guitar on fire in concert for the first time, during a performance at London’s Finsbury Park.
  • 1980 – Jesse Owens, American track star. He won four gold medals in the 1936 Olympics   passes away.
  • 1984 – Ronald Clark O’Bryan is executed for the 1974 Halloween killing of his 8-year-old son. He fed his son poisoned candy in order to collect his life insurance.
  • 1993 – Actor Brandon Lee is killed while filming his death scene in the movie The Crow, when a prop gun accidentally fires a real bullet.
  • 1995 – Selena  Mexican-American singer, was murdered by the president of her fan club.
  • 2005 – Terri Schiavo -After suffering a cardiac arrest in 1990 that left her brain damaged, a major legal battle ensued over the right of her husband to have her feeding tube removed. It was eventually removed, resulting in her death 13 days later.
  • 2017 – Gilbert Baker b. 1951 American artist, gay rights activist. He designed the Rainbow Flag (1978), known as the gay pride flag passes away.
  • 2020 – CNN anchor, Chris Cuomo announces he has tested positive for Covid-19.

March Holidays, Daily and Monthly Observances

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