May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Tick Prevention

How to Remove a Tick

If you find a tick on you please remove it properly. Remember don’t squeeze or twist the tick tick-removaland don’t put any chemicals on it to smother it. Those tricks can backfire and lead to easy infections if the tick is carrying any infections. You must grab the tick as close to the skin as possible and pull up slowly but firmly making sure that the whole head is removed. Click Here for Tick Removal Instructions.

Once you’ve been bitten go to your doctor and ask for treatment. Remember that Lyme tests are not accurate and many states have passed legislation asking the doctors to remind patients that a negative test does not mean you do not have Lyme Disease. So if you are showing any symptoms at all, it’s important to get treated right away so the bacteria does not disseminate throughout your body. Once you are in the second or third stages of Lyme Disease it is much harder to treat.

Symptoms of Lyme Disease

The symptoms of Lyme Disease vary in children and adults and from person to person. Some people will develop a “Bulls Eye Rash.” Some of the other co infections will cause different rashes too. (See Pictures Here) But not all people see the tick that bit them, or get a rash at all.

Symptoms in Children
Pain, fever, headache, fatigue, ADD, ADHD, isolating oneself, seizures and general illness.
See more about children and Lyme Disease here.

Symptoms in Adults
Rash (sometimes), fever, pain in joints, muscular pain, headache, fatigue, dizziness, memory loss, anxiety, depression, seizures and Bell’s Palsy.
Click Here to see all the stages of Lyme Disease.

It is important to get quick treatment with Lyme Disease. Bacteria can disseminate quickly throughout one’s body and lead to second and third stage Lyme in weeks to months. These stages are much harder to treat. So ask your doctor to  nip it in the bud now at the beginning stages.

Most doctors will put you on a course of antibiotics. Children will usually get Amoxicillin while Adults will get Doxycycline. Make sure your physician is aware of the new Lyme Disease guidelines that have been published. Visit New Lyme Disease Treatment Guidelines Here.

So enjoy the warm weather that is coming and the outdoors, but please be safe! Remember prevention is the best tool we have against Lyme disease. ♥

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