Meaning of the Name Raya

Meaning of Raya

Raya is a girl’s name. It has many meanings across the world. It means, “friend” in Hebrew. In Latin it means, “flow, sated with drink.” In Persian Raya is a name for girls that means “thought”, “[the act of] thinking”. In Sanskrit, Raya means flow of a river, zeal, ardour, quickness, force or velocity. of Raya is of Hebrew, Bulgarian, Indian origin.

How to Pronounce Raya

My granddaughter’s name is pronounced “Ray-a” like a little ray of sunshine. The movie version is pronounced “Rie-a”. Either way is beautiful.


 Seven years ago when my granddaughter was born, my daughter wanted to give her a unique name. She chose Raya. It was rare and we didn’t  know anyone named Raya back then. Now with the movie Raya and the Dragon, it will surely be growing in popularity. As of writing this post it is ranked #937 in U.S. births.

Nicknames for Raya

Ray, Ray Ray, Ray-a-Sunshine

Famous Rayas

  • Raya – Strong female character from the movie, Raya and the Dragon
  • Raya Dunayevskaya – American founder of the philosophy of Marxist humanism in the United States
  • Raya Haffar El Hassan – Lebanese Politician
  • Raya Garbousova – Russian-born American cellist and teacher.
  • Raya Meddine – Lebanese American actress

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