Memorable and Fun Dating Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Fun Dating Ideas

Are you trying to figure out something unique to do with that certain special someone? Well here is a list of things that would definitely be memorable.

1. Horseback riding together


2. Donate blood together.

This couple donated blood together on their wedding day. Find out why here.
This couple donated blood together on their wedding day. Find out why here.

3. Plant a plant together, and watch it grow like your love.

Plant a Plant Togeher

4. Go panning for gold or go digging for arrowheads


5. Go on a scavenger hunt together. Look online for any activities like this.


6. Take some art supplies to the local park or city, and draw together.

BeFunky_images (9).jpg

7. Make a sandcastle on the beach together.


8. Go to a nursery and buy a plant to take of together.

9. Play silly games with eachother like ‘Pictionary.”


10. Go somewhere public and take pictures and see who got the best shots.


11. Go to a resale shop and pick out outfits for eachother, then wear them out to dinner.


12. Go to the pet store and buy a fish and name it after you, like “Brangelina.”


13. Do a 1,000 piece puzzle together.

14. Go on a train ride together. Get on not knowing where the train is going.


15. Run a lemonade stand together then donate the money you make to someone in need in your neighborhood.

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