Merry Christmas Everyone!


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas
from those of us at Time for the Holidays! 

May your holiday season be blessed, merry and bright and may 2017 bring you  your miracle. ♥

We all know that Christmas and most holidays has been really commercialized and become about gift giving, but let us remember the true meanings of each holidays. Christmas or is an celebration commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.


Ways to Celebrate all Holidays

♥ Educate yourself in what each holidays means.

♥ Be grateful for family and friends.

♥ The best way to not feel alone on a holiday is to give to someone else.

♥ Accept others even when they have different beliefs and celebrate with them.

♥ Forget labels, just remember we are all one race, one humanity, we are all connected.

♥ Allow yourself to love and be loved.

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