National Beer Day


 April 7th is National Beer Day

Here are some facts about National Beer Day.

  • National Beer Day is an unofficial holiday in the United States celebrated every year on April 7.
  • National Beer Day is celebrated on April 7th because in 1933 it was the first day in 13 years, that people could legally buy, sell, and drink beer.
  • National Beer Day is a celebration of the Cullen–Harrison Act being signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on March 22, 1933.
  • When Roosevelt signed the legislation, he made his famous remark, “I think this would be a good time for a beer.”
  • National Beer Day was first created in 2009 by Justin Smith of Richmond, VA.

How to Celebrate?

  • Drink a beer!
  • Buy someone else a beer!
  • Learn how to make your own beer with a beer making kit.
  • Start a Beer Can Collection!

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