National Children’s Craft Day

childrens crafts day

National Children’s Craft Day

What a sweet day to take the opportunity to do some crafting activities with your child! Take a break from the daily routine, and spend some time with your children drawing, cutting, gluing, and bedazzling!

Here are a collection of fun ideas and arts & crafts blogs for you to help give you some ideas of ways to celebrate National Craft Day with your children!

Ideas for crafts to do today:


There are so many fun arts and crafts you can do with a child. You could start off with an Art Set that has paint, colored pencils, chalk and markers and work on some fun coloring books. Don’t forget you can color with your child and have fun too with an adult coloring book. Teach your child the beauty of creating with different mediums and the rainbow of colors there is!


Have your child start a scrapbook to save all his/her artwork and homework assignments he’s
proud of through the year. Your child can put in birthday cards or any little memories they would want to look back on. How fun to have a  memory book from each year of your life! If you’d like to start a scrapbook Visit Here for Scrapbooking Supplies.

Jewelry Making:

Another fun craft is learning jewelry making. They can make something for themselves or a
gift for their teacher, best friend,  or for someone else! Teach them about the colors of the beads, what looks good together. Teach them how to weave a bracelet out of hemp. There are jewelry making kits for all ages!

Sewing and Looming

All little kids love to learn about sewing. Remember when you were little owning a little loom
kit where you could play with yarn and fabric all day? So fun! I think my mom still has a pot warmer I made many years ago. There are lots of adorable children’s sewing kits and loom kits available to get your children started.


Stamping is fun for boys and girls and for all ages. You can just play with the stamps and ink or you can use the stamps to make a picture that you can also color in with your art set! One fun idea is to have each child make a picture on plain paper with the stamps. Then they all swap pictures and then have to color in each others stamped pictures. There are tons of fun children’s stamping kits you can find online!


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