National Disc Golf Day – First Saturday of August

Happy National Disc Golf Day!

When is National Disc Golf Day

National Disc Golf Day is the first Saturday in August. It has been observed since 2016. 

The History of National Disc Golf Day 

Throw Pink Co-founder Sara Nicholson and Minnesota PDGA State Coordinator Jason  Wilder led the movement to make National Disc Golf Day a recognized holidays. Along with disc golf legends Dan “Stork” Roddick, Jim Palmeri, and Tom Monroe, they decided early August was a good month for this observance to recognize the sport dating back to the legendary 1974 American Flying Disc Open.

What is Disc Golf?

Disc golf is a fast growing sport where you throw discs into chain pens and try to do it with as few throws as you can. Most disc golf courses have 9 or 18 holes

There are now over 10,000 courses around the world and two professional-level tours. Interestingly 75% of the courses are in the US, although it is growing in popularity around the world.  Disc golf has pretty much the same rules and terminology as traditional golf.

Disc golf was invented in 1926 by a group of elementary school friends that lived in  Bladworth, Saskatchewan, Canada. A Canadian boy named Ronald Cain and some of his friends began playing a game where they would throw lids into circles drawn into the sand. This is where the whole idea of disc golf started. It was originally known as Tin Lid Golf.

The PDGA was founded in 1976 with the idea of growing and promoting the sport.

More Information on Disc Golf

Disc Golf Random Fun Facts

  • According to InfiniteDiscs, the most popular disc golf driver in 2020 was the Innova Destroyer.
  • The world’s largest disc golf course is Highbridge Hills Sports Complex near Washburn, Wisconsin  with five 18-hole courses. 
  • The record for the highest payout during a tournament happened in 2020 at the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship where both the male and female winners took home $20,000.
  • “Steady Ed” Headrick created the first organized disc golf target with chains and hoops. 
  • Dave Dunipace, one of the creators of Innova, invented the modern golf disc in 1983.
  • The MVP disc golf brand actually stands for Maple Valley Plastics.
  • The World Record for most holes played in 24 hours is 2,900 by Michael Sale back in 2014.

A new hobby is dying the discs.

The latest trend in disc golfing is dying your discs. Discs come in many colors. Some even glow so you can disc at night. But now you can dye them in a couple different ways to make them really stand out.

My grandson getting dye ready for a disc.

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