National Frozen Custard Day – August 8th

Happy National Frozen Custard Day

August 8th

What is Frozen Custard?

Frozen custard is a cold dessert made with eggs in addition to cream, flavorings and sugar. It is similar to ice cream but much denser and can be stored at warmer temperatures. Frozen Custard achieves its creaminess through a production process that produces less air and fewer ice crystals than traditional ice cream. To be considered frozen custard In the U.S., Food and Drug Administration requires any product marketed as frozen custard to contain at least 10 percent milkfat and 1.4 percent egg yolk solids.

Where did Custard Come From?

One of the first appearances of frozen custard was when Archie and Elton Kohr served it at Coney Island, New York in 1919. They found that adding egg yolks to ice cream created a smoother texture and helped the ice cream stay cold longer. On their first weekend, the Kohr brothers sold 18,640 cones on the boardwalk.

Later a frozen custard stand at the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago introduced the dessert to many more people. Following the fair, the dessert’s popularity spread throughout the Midwest; Milwaukee, Wisconsin which became known as the “unofficial frozen custard capital of the world.” To this day they have more frozen custard shops in the world.

There are many chains that sell frozen custard such as Culver’s in Wisconsin, Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers in Wichita, Kansas, Andy’s Frozen Custard in Springfield, Missouri, Ted Drewes, Rita’s, The Meadows, and Abbott’s.

Watch Custard being Made in this video.