National Ice Cream Soda Day – June 20th

Happy Ice Cream Soda Day!

It’s June 20th and today we celebrate the ice cream soda! So Happy Ice Cream Soda Day to you! We hope you can celebrate this yummy holiday today!

Robert McCay Green

The History behind Ice Cream Sodas

Four men claim to have invented the Ice Cream Soda. Probably all had the idea for their area at different time.

1862 – Philip Mohr was a Confectioner and baker in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He would mix soda water with ice cream to make the drink colder. His NYC friend tried to encourage him to start a soda fountain but he declined, but word spread and the ice cream float became popular after that in the city.

1874 – Robert McCay Green, a Civil War Union Army Soldier, was working as a vendor in an exhibition in Philadelphia. One story goes that he ran out of ice and substituted ice cream in the sodas he was selling. The other stories goes that he added ice cream after watching people walk around with ice cream cones and water. Either way he claims to have invented ice cream sodas no matter how it came about. On his gravestone is engraved, “Here lies the originator of the ice cream soda” be engraved on his tombstone.

1888 – George Guy claims it was he who invented the ice cream float when he was working for Robert Green at his soda fountain. He claims he accidentally dropped a scoop of ice cream into someone’s vanilla soda, and instead of throwing it away, the customer wanted to try it and loved it. 

So anyways, we are sure all these men had something to do with the creation of Ice Cream Floats. So let’s honor them all by celebrating today with by enjoying one!

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