National Jelly-Filled Donut Day – June 8th

National Jelly-Filled Donut Day

So just in case you didn’t get enough donuts on National Donut Day, on June 8th comes along National Jelly-Filled Donut Day! So if you ate a chocolate or strawberry frosted donut for the prior holiday, now you can celebrate donuts again by eating a jelly-filled one!

Jelly Donut Trivia

  • The first Jelly Donut mention was In 1485, in the cookbook Kuchenmeisterei (Mastery of the Kitchen) was published in Nuremberg, Germany.
  • Before the sixteenth century, sugar prices were high so donuts were stuffed with meats, fish and cheeses. Thank God sugar prices dropped, huh?
  • Since at least the early 1800s, Germans had called jelly doughnuts simply Berliners and later Bismarcken.
  • In parts of the Northern US and Canada they are called Bismarks.
  • They are a favorite Hanukkah dessert and are called ponchiks.
  • Jelly donuts have fewer calories and less fat than a plain sugared ring doughnut because they have less surface and absorb less oil then ring donuts.
  • The largest donut ever made was an American-style jelly donut weighing 1.7 tons, which was 16 feet in diameter and 16 inches high in the center It was made in Utica, N.Y., by Hemstrought’s Bakeries, Donato’s Bakery and the radio station WKLL-FM, and as of 2021 holds the world record for the largest donut in the Guinness World Records.

Here are some recipes for you:

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