National Underground America Day – May 14th

 Coober Pedy - Underground house

National Underground America Day

When and What is National Underground America Day?Casa-grotta-matera-8mm

On May 14th, National Underground America Day recognizes people who choose to live in underground architecture across North America. The observance also celebrates the lifestyle, architecture, and benefits of underground living. National Underground America Day, an “unofficial” National holiday that was created by architect Malcolm Wells in 1974. Wells is considered “the father of modern earth-sheltered architecture”.

Who is Malcolm Wells?

Malcom Wells was a writer, draftsman, illustrator, cartoonist and solar energyHerkimer House underground storage 2 consultant who lived in Cape Cod. Wells lived in a modern earth-sheltered building of his own design. After working in industrial architecture for ten years, he decided the earth was meant for nature’s  plants, not industrial plants and this sparked a lifelong interest in underground living.

What is Underground Living?

You may be wondering what Underground living even means. Well, Underground living refers to living below the ground’s surface,  in either a natural or manmade cave or structure. Underground dwellings are just an alternative to above-ground dwellings for some home seekers, including those who are worried about their footprint on the environment.

So what do you think? Would you consider Underground living? Have you tried it already or know someone else who does? How was your experience?



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