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nostaligc candy

Take a trip down Memory Lane with Nostalgic Candy

Our generation remembers the time a nickel could by us a tasty treat at the local five & dime store. Nothing was funner when you were little then your father pulling some change out of his pocket and your mom giving you the go ahead to pick out your favorite candy.  Just thinking about it brings back thought of chewy milk duds, hot & spicy jawbreakers, and remember those sugary sticks we would just pour right into our mouth?

The days of change buying these wonderful treats may be gone but the candy actually still exists! So take a trip down memory lane and check out these oldies but goodies!

Pop Rocks

Remember this tasty, fizzy and popping treat? It was so fun to sit around as youngsters and pour these right into your mouth and listen to them crackle! Not only can you still get these and in many flavors such as grape, strawberry and pineapple but make sure to check out Pop Rock Extremes.

Fun Dip

What a super yummy snack this was. Dipping  that yummy sweet tart spoon into the sugary goodness. The flavors were so sweet and sour!

Back in the day there were two maybe three flavors for your dipping desires but now there are so many different Fun Dips. such as Fun Dip Mystery Flavor,
Wonka Fun Dip Candy or Assorted Flavors!!

Candy Buttons

I believe back in the day we used to call these candy dots, but now they are known as candy buttons. These were so fun to by a long strip of candy dots on a long strip of crisp white paper. Just the action of peeling them off that paper seemed fun back then.

They seemed to last forever, wheres as other candies would disappear so fast, these dots just lasted and lasted! Shop for Candy Buttons Here!

Turkish Taffy

The funny truth about Turkish Taffy is that it’s not really tenchincally taffy at all. According to Tico Bonomo, son of Victor, Turkish Taffy it is technically known as a short nougat,” consisting of a batter of corn syrup and egg whites that was cooked and then baked. It was also not Turkish, but created after World War II in the Bonomo factory. It has been marketed in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and banana. Originally aols in  Woolworth’s stores in large sheets which were broken off with ball-peen hammers at the counter and sold by weight, in the late 1940s the company released a version in candy-bar size which the purchaser would whack against a hard surface to break it into more bite-sized pieces. It was discontinued in 1989 until NOW! See the flavors Turkish Taffy comes in now!

Candy Cigarettes

There were two different kind of these candy cigarettes. One type were the hard sticks, that were covered in a candy powder then wrapped in paper. You blew on them and the powdered candy would blow out looking like you were smoking.

Yep, in those days I guess we encouraged the kids to think smoking was cool. So not cool! There was also the second type that were bubblegum cigarettes. 

Wax Bottles

My particular favorite was the wax bottles! Remember these? A little clear bottle that you could see the liquid yumminess through, red, green, blue or purple. You could just bite into it and let the juice squirt into your mouth. Bonus was chewing that wax bottle like it was gum pretty much letting it disenegrate in your mouth.

Wax Lips

If you liked the wax bottles you probably liked these too. So many fun shapes and sizes to put in your mouth and be silly! Not quite as tasty as the wax bottles but you could be silly and chase your sister around the world with these in your mouth. And don’t forget about the awesome cool Wax Fangs!

Marshmallow Cones

Another favorite was definitely  these super yummy marshmallow cones! I always expected it to be more creamy and soft but it always had that crisp bite to them but we loved them!

You can still find these in penny candy stores for pretty cheap or you can buy them by the bucket for parties!

Candy Bracelets

Candy bracelets and necklaces were so very fun. I remember getting them mostly at birthday parties. Biting those sweet sugary candy tarts off one by one was so fun. And there were always special ones for  Valentine’s Day or Easter.

Ring Pop

Ring Pops are another oldie but goodie. Gotta add this to your favorite nostalgic old fashioned candy favorites! Of course it really doesn’t stay on your finger for long! Gotta love the ewie gooey sugary sucker on a ring!


Set up a Retro Candy Buffet at your next Party! 

Here’s some inspiration for you!

retro candy, candy bar for parties

Retro Diner Candy Buffet Table

diner-candy bar theme

 50’s Themed Candy Bar


Nostalgic Candy Buffet


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