Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day – August 7th

Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day

August 7th

So you may be asking yourself, if there is a holiday for everything right now? Well, pretty much yes. There are many silly mostly unknown holidays that people have created over the years. Today’s is Particular Preposterous Packaging Day.

Honestly, in this day and age of online shopping we can probably all relate to this. How many times have your ordered a small item to only get a huge four foot package sitting on your front porch that you have to lug into the house? It kind of reminds you of when you were little and your parents thought it was funny to prank you with a big birthday gift, only to unwrap one layer at a time to only discover a smaller box inside another box inside another box.

Well we have collected some random packaging trivia for you.

Did You Know …

  • The first cardboard shipping box was patented in 1903,
  • Robert E. Holden invented packing peanuts in 1965.
  • Polystyrene stuffing peanuts can be used over and over again and you can bring them back to be recycled at shipping stores around the world.
  • Since the early 1990s, corn starch has been increasingly used to form packing peanuts.
  • Apple’s headquarters has a special designated place for coming up with the packaging for new products.
  • Cornstarch packing peanuts are more environmentally friendly and can be dissolved in water.
  • Cornstarch packing peanuts are non-toxic to humans and pets if accidentally ingested
  • Green Packing Peanuts = 70% or more recycled polystyrene.
  • White Packing Peanuts = 70% or more non-recycled polystyrene.
  • Pink Packing Peanuts = anti-static has been applied.
  • A Swedish design company Tomorrow Machine is the creator of a magic juice box that is made of agar-agar seaweed gel and water only and contains short-term fresh juices and smoothies. The box withers at the same rate as the product inside is consumed.
  • The expiration date on water bottles if for the bottle itself, not the water.
  • To be eco friendly, Nike has created a shoebox made of 100% recyclable materials.
  • Consumers care as much about the packaging of a products as they do the product and if a company is eco-conscious, about their packaging they often report a 30% increase in consumer interest.
  • Slow shipping time will deter 41% of customers from making a purchase.
  • Shoppers will spend an average 30% more on a purchase if shipping is included for free.
  • Roughly 90% of all products in the U.S. are shipped via cardboard packaging.
  • The thinnest part of a drinks container is thinner than a human hair – measuring just 0.07mm.
  • Nearly 60% of PET plastic bottles in the UK household waste stream are now being collected for recycling – in 2001 this figure was just 3%.
  • Plastic can take up to 500 years to decompose that’s why it’s important to make plastic products using recycled ingredients.
  • Amazon has introduced “Frustration-Free Packaging” which reduces waste and gives customers an easy-to-open experience with 100% recyclable packaging.


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