Penguin Awareness Day – January 20th

Happy Penguin Awareness Day

Penguin Awareness Day is celebrated annually on January 20th. We all love penguins but how much do we really know about them? You can observe Penguin Awareness Day by learning more about penguins, and not just the penguins themselves but also to the research being done about what penguins can teach us about global warming.

Penguin Facts

  • There are 18 species of penguins. 
  • 13  species are endangered species.
  • Penguin nesting areas are called “rookeries.”
  • Penguins do not have teeth.
  • Penguins can stay underwater for up to 15 minutes before needing to surface for another breath.
  • The fossil remains of the largest penguin species on the planet were unearthed in Antarctica. The fossils belonged to a colossal 6-foot, 8-inch penguin that weighed 250 pounds and lived approximately 37 million years ago.
  • Male penguins gift female penguins with rocks in order to woo them.

Visit the Penguin Foundation to learn more about how you can help penguins.

Visit to Learn about Adopting an Emperor Penguin.

Penguin Awareness Day Merchandise

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