Planning a Boy Baby Shower?

     Putting together a Baby Shower

Are you planning a baby shower for a baby boy? There is a lot that goes into planning a baby shower but it’s also a lot of fun! So many themes to choose from, games to pick, presents to buy! Making the mommy to be is what is most important so consider her needs first and then it should all fall into place!

Things to consider:

  • What is baby’s gender. (In this case we know it’s a boy)
  • What theme colors does mommy like?
  • Cake of cupcakes, treats or meals?
  • Which games to play? Serious family members or silly friends?
  • How many people?
  • What would be the best location?
  • What does the baby still need? Is a registry a good idea?
  • Will it be all women or a co-ed baby shower?

Baby Shower Planner Guide

You might want to get yourself a Baby Shower Planner Guide to help you keep track of everything.

Boy Baby Shower Themes

Planning the theme of your little baby boy shower is an important and very fun step! We will list some themes for you to glance through and a put a checklist so you can keep track of everything you may need!

Boy Baby Shower Themes

For a boy you could choose themes like Nautical Baby ShowerBumble Bee Baby, Winnie the Pooh Party, ShowerGreen Baby ShowerJungle Baby Shower, Monkey Themed ShowerOwl Themed PartyPeter Rabbit Party,  Blue  Baby Shower, or Dr Seuss.

Teddy Bear Blue and Tan Polka Dotted Party Plate

Decorations Checklist

Boy Baby Shower Invitations
Boy Baby Shower Decorations
Boy Baby Shower Banners
Boy Baby Shower Table Centerpieces
Boy Baby Shower Tablecloth
Baby Shower Balloons (Check out some fun Baby Shower Balloons Ideas Here)
Baby Boy Shower Plates, Napkins and Cups
Baby Boy Streamers
Baby Shower Games
Baby Boy Cupcakes and Cake Toppers
Baby Shower Candy
Baby Boy Gift Ideas
Baby Shower Treat Bags

Baby Boy Shower Invitations

Lots of adorable Baby Shower for Baby Boy Invitations to look at!

Don’t forget the Stamps!

Add this cute little touch for the invitations!

Baby Shower Games

Now for the baby shower games you will have to consider the crowd. Are they mostly family members, friends, a mix of both? Pick the appropriate games according to the guest list. If there will be a bunch of friends from college, then the Baby Diaper games are probably the funnest along with Bingo. If it’s a bunch of family members that aren’t going to be quite as adventurous then maybe the Mommy Advice Cards and Raffle tickets would be good.

Games Checklist

Look through some of these games to see what would be best and funnest for your baby shower!

Baby Shower BINGO
Baby Shower Raffle Tickets
Baby Shower Diaper Games
Baby Shower Advice Cards
What’s in your Purse Game?
Word Scramble and Search Cards
Measure Mommy’s Belly Games
Baby Boy Clothespin Game

What Food will you have?

Planning what food to have it probably the toughest part.

Things to consider:

Blue Chevron Striped Teddy Bear Cake Pop 

Good Luck with your Baby Shower! We hope this helped!

I'ts a Boy Cake Pops, customized Cake Pops


Girl Baby Shower Balloon Ideas

Baby Boy Blue Themed Baby Shower

Blue Candy Buffets

Baby Shower Balloons Ideas for Boys

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