Polyform Sculpey Glaze for Mini Dollhouse Food Making

Polyform Sculpey Glaze is one of the things you will definitely need to make mini foods. It comes in a little jar and is relatively cheap and lasts for a long time. You can use it for a couple different things.

First after you bake something and it cools off, you can give it a coat of this to make it shiny. You can also get matte so it seals it but doesn’t make it shiny. But for little parts of things you want to be shiny make sure you use the gloss.


Examples of parts you would paint with the glossy Sculpey are the fruits that adorn a cake, or the frosting on a donut, plates, bowls or the ketchup on a hot dog. Lettuce, onions, mustard, frosting, sprinkles are all shiny too and giving them a little coat of this makes them look really realistic.


You can also give a cake a glazed look. Fill in the top of a cake with this to give it a glaze, or let it drizzle down the sides of a pound cake or donut. You can add a little color to it too by adding some chalk dust to it. Sculpey Gloss is to be added after baking.

If you want a deeper clear glaze look you will need Polyform Sculpey Transparent Liquid.

For example, to make a realistic spaghetti sauce you just add a little red chalk  to the Sculpey Transpernt Liquid Gel to make it red, yet still shiny. I just take the edge or a razor to a piece of red chalk and scrape in a little once or twice.

Mix it with a toothpick and pour over the spaghetti. It will bake hard but still give the impression it is dripping down the spaghetti or bowl making it appear real. In the following picture we glossed the mustard, hot dog, pickle relish, spaghetti sauce, eggs and butter.


In this picture we glossed the cherry, lime and orange center of the cookie.


In this picture we used gloss for the blueberry pie filling in the center of the pie, the cookie’s red glaze felling, and on the fried chicken.


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(To add a Glossed Look After Baking)

Polyform Sculpey Glaze, 1-Ounce, GlossyPolyform Sculpey Glaze, 1-Ounce, Glossy

(For a deeper clear glaze look before you bake it.)

Polyform ALSB02 Sculpey Transparent Liquid, 2-Ounce

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