Pranks and Magic Props

funny-gagsGet ready for April Fools Day with these funny pranks and magic props!

Alien Parasite Chest Piece

Watch this prop in action on the Magic of Rahat video!

T.J. Wisemen Remote Control Fart Machine No. 2 Funny Gag Gift Joke Prank

Watch the fun pranks that can be done with the farting machine on this video!

COCOTINA Prank Joke Toy Nail through Finger Mini Trick Magic Props April Fool Halloween

Rhode Island Novelty Electric Shocking Gag Pen Novelty

Check out this guy having fun and almost getting his butt kicked for his prank with the shocking pen.

Liquid Ass

Money Maker Magic Trick

New 2015 2X Magic Smoke From Finger Tips Magic Trick Surprise Prank Joke Mystical Fun

Magic of Rahat performs his “smoky fart” prank.

Realistic Tongue Gross Jokes Prank Magic Tricks Halloween Horrific Prop

Tongue On A Frozen Pole PRANK!!

Fake Parking Tickets – Pad of 25

Loftus 12- Fake Roaches Prank Novelty Cockroach

Prank Joke Pregnancy Test / Always Turns Positive / 2 Pack

Water Squirting Lighter Prank – Colors May Vary

Loftus Three Snakes in a Can – King Deluxe Mixed Nuts Prank

Exploding (Bang) Toilet Seat

Loftus Gross Party Pooper Fake Poo Toy, Brown, 4″

Car Muffler Exhaust Whistle Prank

Exploding Prank Lighter

Pee Puck Toilet Bathroom Prank

Dealglad® Horror Bloody Realistic Fake Severed Arm Broken Hand Foot Legs Body Parts Prank Trick April Fool Halloween Party Props (Long Broken Arm)

Magic of Rahat and his fake hand in Drive Thru

Box of Pranks

Funny April Fools Day Pranks!

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