President’s Day (George Washington’s Day)

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What: American holiday established in 1885 in recognition of President George Washington

When: Third Monday in February

Facts about George Washington

  • George Washington was the first President of the United States
  • He was the first Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War
  • He was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.
  • He was born: February 22, 1732, in Westmoreland County, Virginia, VA
  • He died: December 14, 1799, in Mount Vernon, VA
  • His wife was Martha Washington (m. 1759–1799)
  • His presidential term was  April 30, 1789 – March 4, 1797
  • Washington is the only president to have been unanimously elected by the Electoral College
  • Washington signed into law the first copyright law, in 1790, he signed the Copyright Act of 1790 into law. “An act for the encouragement of learning by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned.”
  • The first Thanksgiving Proclamation was issued by President Washington
  • Washington’s Farewell Address is one of the most celebrated speeches in American history.

Quotes from George Washington


Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.

Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence.

Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master.

Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all.

I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.

It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.

Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected.

Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.


Books about George Washington

Washington: A Life

National Geographic Readers: George Washington (Readers Bios)

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