Pros and Cons of Period Panties

period underwear

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Today we will be discussing the pros and cons of period panties. 

What are Period Panties?

The are simply very absorbable underwear that absorb fluids. They are meant for periods mostly. They are also helpful for those who have a leaky bladder. Some women use them as a back up against leaking when a pad or tampon gets full, but the website, “Thinx” claims that they can be used in place or tampons or pads. It will depend on how heavy your flow is.

The Pros of Period Panties

  • They offer leak proof protection.
  • They are more comfortable then a pad or tampon.
  • They are more fashion friendly and less “granny underwearish.”
  • They are more eco friendly.
  • You will save a ton of money in the long run on sanitary supplies.
  • Some brands such as Intimate Portal Secret Agent style= and Relieved Gal style= have a pouch in front so you can put a heating pad in to ease cramps.
  • Some brands are anti-microbial.
  • You can sit or ride in a car for long periods or time without worrying about leaking.
  • They don’t move around or bunch up like pads do causing leakage.
  • You can sleep all night knowing you wont’ ruin the sheets or have embarrassing leaks.
  • Brands like Knixwear  style=are good for women who are into sports. You can run, jump, do yoga, stretch and exercises comfortable without the worry of leakage.
  • Brands like Period Panteez use compression fit to help ease cramps and bloating.

The Cons of using Period Panties

  • Initial start up cost is a little pricey, though in the long run you would save money.
  • You have to buy a lot of them, or do a lot of laundry to make it through your period solely on period panties.
  • Some women complain of feeling the “wetness” a bit more then you do with pads or tampons.

Here are some popular brands of Period Panties

Adira style=Dear Kate style= * Luna Panties style=  * Intimate Portal Secret Agent style= * Knixwear  * Period Panteez * Relieved Gal style= *  Simple Necessit Ease style= *  Thinx


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