Pros and Cons to Wearing Medical Face Masks

Pros and Cons to Wearing Medical Face Masks during Flu or Coronavirus Outbreaks

This is a scary time globally as Coronavirus makes it’s way around the world. There have been some conflicting messages on wearing masks, or not wearing masks and the safety they provide.

Some experts are saying they aren’t helpful while others are saying that they are. When I personally went to the doctor they immediately handed me a mask to wear while at the office.

We will list the pros and cons of wearing masks and put our sources below and let you make your own decision whether wearing one would be the right decision for you and your family.

Pros for wearing a Facemask

  • Helps you to touch your face less.
  • A barrier between you and germs.
  • Let’s you get out of the house for quick errands.
  • You will breath in less airborne bacteria and viruses.
  • If you are sick, masks can prevent you from breathing germs onto others.
  • When used properly, along with handwashing, it can prevent your chances of getting Coronavirus or Flu.

Cons stated about Facemasks

  • A false sense of security, they are not 100% barriers between you and germs. Some viral particles can penetrate masks.
  • If you get bacteria on your hands then adjust your facemask you may have just delivered bacteria to your mask which is touching your face.
  • All masks are not created equally. Surgical masks are less effective than N95 respirator masks.
  • Masks do not protect your eyes.


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