Rustic Cowboy Baby and Teddy Bear Shower, Invites, Facebook Banner, Games to Print or Digitally Upload for Virtual Baby Shower

Rustic Cowboy Baby and Teddy Bear Shower

Hello everyone! Welcome to Time for the Holidays! Today I want to show you some fun Cowboy Baby and Teddy Bear Baby Shower Invitations, Games and Social Media Banners for Facebook groups and events that I have created.

Teddy Bear and Baby with Cowboy Hat Invitations

These invitations are adorable with a little baby with a cowboy hat on sitting next to a teddy bear. There is a blue background and it is embellished with all sorts of cute graphics like rope, distressed wood and horseshoes to give it a rustic country and western feeling.

The invitations can be edited on a website called Canva, once you purchase them on Etsy.

For Physical Invitations:
Once purchased, you will be sent a file with a link to click on and then it will open and allow you to put in all your baby shower information. Once you change all the event information then you save it to your computer. Once downloaded you can print them right at home on your own computer, or you can send them to a print shop to get printed.

For Digital Invitations for Online Events:
Just like for the physical invitations you will need to purchase the invitations from Etsy. Once purchased you will receive a link to a website called Canva where you edit them by adding in your baby shower time, date, names and party information. Then you just download them to your computer and attach them when emailing, PMing or DMing your friends and family.

Social Media Banners

I have not really seen a physical invitation for a couple years now. It seems like most of the invites I get are through Facebook events. So I made these social media banners, and tried to size them properly to fit FB groups and event banners. Just click here to purchase this baby shower suite from Etsy, and you will then receive a link to download these banners. We added in three different sizes to fit FB event, group and post banner sizes.

Baby Shower Games

Inside this this Cowboy Baby Shower Suite, is three baby shower games.

Baby Shower BINGO

The first game is Baby Shower BINGO. For this game you just download and print off the game. This is for a real life, physical baby shower. I’m sure you could get creative and find ways to play online too if needed. But to play this game, you give each guest a BINGO card. Give them a couple minutes to fill in each square with a guess of what the mom-to-be gifts are going to be. As the mom-to-be opens the gifts, they mark off each square they guessed right. First to get a straight or diagonal line wins a prize! You supply the prize.

Who Knows Mommy Best

This game will be downloaded also then printed off on paper. It will open on a website called Canva where you can edit the questions if you want to. Just download it and print the cards for guests. If you are doing an online baby shower you can upload it to your FB group or wherever you are doing the online shower and play it that way too.

Diaper Raffle

You will also get a cute cowboy themed ticket. Each ticket will say bring a package of diapers to be entered into a raffle for a prize. On the back of the ticket the person can fill in their name. Have a bucket or bowl ready to put all the tickets of guests who brought diapers and during the game session of the baby shower, have the mom-to-be pull a name. That person wins a prize. You provide the prize. Some cute ideas are candles, chocolate or gift baskets.

Graphic of Cowboy Baby and Teddy Bear

You will receive this graphic too so that you can print out any other materials you need to. Or perhaps you’d like to make a shirt, or something else with this design on it.

You can also just buy it Already Made if that is Easier

If you need other supplies that match this graphic, that are not offered or if all this seems to complicated, perhaps you don’t have a computer to print things off, then you can also buy any of this through my Zazzle shop too! In the Zazzle Cowboy Baby Shower Collection we have paper plates, banners, games, invitations, stickers, signs, gift wrap and gift bags, mom to be buttons, onesies, t-shirts, thank you card, guest books and so much! Check it out.

Buying on Etsy and printing it off yourself might be cheaper but having someone else print and ship it might be more convenient. In that case just stop by our collection on Zazzle to see all the Cowboy Baby and Teddy Bear products we offer on there!

Caucasian Cowboy Baby and Teddy Bear Baby Shower

Baby of Color Cowboy and Teddy Bear Baby Shower

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