September 29th is National Coffee Day and National Mocha Day

Happy National Coffee and Mocha Day!

Both of these holidays are observed on September 29th.

If you are a coffee drinker make sure to hit up Dunkin, Starbucks and any of your local coffee shops as many have free coffees or special deals today!

Here is some Coffee Trivia for you!

  • Civet Coffee, otherwise known as Kopi Luwak, which is coffee that has been harvested from the feces of the Asian Palm Civet, a cat mostly found in the jungles of Asia.
  • According to the International Coffee Organization, Brazil grows the most coffee beans in the world.
  • You would need to drink about 30 cups in a very short period time to get close to a lethal dose of caffeine.
  • The largest cup of coffee ever made filled a 9-foot tall cup in 2012. The 3,487-gallon is a Guinness World Record.
  • You can order coffee 25,000 different ways at Dunkin.
  • One cup of black coffee only has one calorie.
  • Light roast coffee has more caffeine than dark roast.
  • One Amerisleep study from 1,0008 respondents found that women spent an average of $2,327 on coffee each year, while men spent an average of $1,934.
  • Among coffee drinkers, the average consumption in the United States is 3 cups of coffee per day

National Coffee and Mocha Day Video


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