Start a Zazzle Shop! Use your Creativity to make Money Online!

making money online

What is Zazzle?

Zazzle is a website that allows you to put your designs on products then sell them. You can show off your art and photography skills all while making a little extra cash on the side! Design your own tshirts, coffee mugs, invitations, cards, signs and posters on Zazzle.

The nice thing is it’s totally free for you. You just upload your pictures or art and place them on templates, and list them to be sold. Zazzle takes care of producing the product, shipping and customer service. It makes it really easy on you to earn a little extra without having to worry about shipping and production. You just sit back and earn a commission.

My Personal Experience

For me, it has been a life saver. I have a disease called, “Lyme disease.” It has made me mostly home bound for many years now. Trying to make ends meet has been really hard and this just gives me a little boost each month. One less bill to worry about when my Zazzle payment comes in.

I used to enjoy painting, woodworking and made “miniature foods” for dollhouse enthusiasts. Lyme had affected my back so badly I was unable to do anything physical anymore. Then I found Zazzle. I know love photography and take picture or anything and everything and put them on mouse pads, cell phone cases, t shorts. I also have some fun with Photoshop creating art and use those designs too. It helps me feel like I’m being creative again.

I tried some other websites that did similar things, but I found them very hard to navigate. Zazzle is pretty self explanatory and there is a wonderful forum where other fellow Zazzlers give you advice, tips  and answer your questions.

If you start a store post your link in the comments below and show it off!

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