Stimulus Check Information: Q & A

Stimulus Check Information

It’s been so confusing watching the back and forth of the debate of stimulus checks. We all have so many questions. Do I qualify for a stimulus check? Who is getting them? Do I get a stimulus check if I’m on disability? What if I didn’t do direct deposit on my taxes? We are going to try to link to the pages where you can get all this information.

So here goes…

Who is eligible for a stimulus check?

Coronavirus stimulus checks up to $1,200 start this week: Are you getting one? 

Do people on SSDI get a stimulus check?

For those who didn’t file taxes or who get SSDI enter your info here.

How do I get the stimulus check?

For those who filed taxes with direct deposit: Check your status here.

How will I get my check if I didn’t do a direct deposit on my taxes this year?

Enter your information here to get your check.


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