Surprise Eggs!

The Surprise Egg Fad!

One of the biggest trends this year for children is surprise eggs. They are in every store, you can get them online, there are several Youtube videos of people opening them to see what’s inside. Kids just love something about the suspense of opening these eggs! We will show you a couple different brands with videos to go along and the parent’s reviews of each brand. Hope you have fun looking!

Here are some of the fun surprise eggs. Look through them and see if there is something fun for you or your child or grandchild!

Shopkins Series 4 Surprise Egg (1 Egg)

Shopkins are so popular right now. And honestly, we are not sure why but kids love them. I think it’s one of those things only children understand. They are little miniature plastic toys such as mini cups and random items as characters. Read Reviews on this surprise egg.

3 Disney Princess Surprise Eggs with Toy, Sticker, and Candy

These eggs come from England and have pretty good reviews. People are saying that the description is correct and it matched up with the surprise eggs they see on Youtube.

3 Star Wars Plastic Surprise Eggs with Toy Surprise, Sticker, and Cookie

Fun for little boys or girls! See Reviews Here.

3 My Little Pony Surprise Eggs with My Little Pony Toy, Sticker, and Candy Inside

Animal Planet Grow Eggs- Dinosaur- Hatch and Grow Three Different Super-Sized Animals 

Grandma’s Review on Animal Planet Grow Eggs

See Parent Reviews Here

Shopkins Series 4 Surprise Egg (1 Egg)

Video with Kinder Eggs

3 New Mickey Mouse and friends toy surprise eggs

*New* Thomas & Friends Inspired GOLD Surprise Egg, With Thomas Minis Train Toy, Stamper, Stickers, Candy, Gummies Large 4″

10 Easter Filled Chicken Shaped Eggs in Easter Basket (Eggs Are Filled with Cute Little Yellow Chicks, Egg Shaped Easter Stampers, Dinosaur Eggs, Egg Shaped Sharpeners)

See Customer Reviews Here

Hello Kitty Surprise Easter Eggs Filled with Hello Kitty Stickers and Candy (4 PACK)

Everyone love Hello Kitty so these surprise eggs are great! Stick them in your child’s Easter Basket or have an Easter Egg Hunt!
See Reviews Here

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