What is with these Surprise Eggs and Toy Reviews?


What is with these Surprise Eggs and Toy Reviews?

OK, as a grandma, I just have to vent a little here. Maybe I’m just curious if it’s just me or or other people noticing this weird trend with with surprise eggs and toy reviews?  My little two year old granddaughter will happily sit here and watch these over and over. I guess we didn’t have Youtube when I was little or even when my children were little, but I just don’t understand these.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the “down” time they provide me when I am worn out and we can peacefully sit for a little while to relax after playing hard. But I am trying to wrap my head around why the surprise eggs and toy reviews capture her attention more then cartoons or many of the other shows we watch. She does love Debbie Doo, Signing Time, or Bounce Patrol! and all the singing and dancing shows too. But man, what’s with these strange toy reviews?

The Surprise Eggs

In these videos, there will be an adult opening up an endless amount of surprise eggs
. They will take the wrapper off it, shake it a couple times up close to the camera, then slowly open it, and each time be totally shocked and happy about the cheap little plastic toy inside. So weird. And when I say cheap, I mean cheap, like not even as cute as gumball machine toys most of the time! My curiosity got the best of me and I ordered some for my grand daughter. I seriously don’t even know what some of these little plastic toys are! I suppose I have to just chalk it up to the point it’s not what is “in” the eggs, but really just the “surprise and suspense” of finding out what is in them.

What is this? Can anyone help me figure this out?


Ok this being said, we did find some awesome surprise eggs I will admit. For Easter we ordered some Animal Planet Eggs which have little animals in them that actually grow and hatch out of the egg when you place them in water overnight. Those were pretty cool and at least had some kind of cool toys in them with a purpose. Plus the part of the proceeds gets doanted to R.O.A.R, Animal Planet’s project to make the world a better place for animals. You can see my review on these Animal Planet Eggs here. 

Toy Reviews

Whereas I can kinda understand the fun of hiding surprise eggs then having some fun finding out what is in them… I totally cannot understand watching the toy reviews. They are so weird! Am I alone in this? There will be some creepy  man’s voice saying, “Ok now I will open the doll and put her in the bath.” And literally that’s what some adult will do. Open a doll on camera then put the doll in an empty bath.  Then next he will pour some type of gumballs, goo, slime or M&Ms on her.  I suppose the child will learn the colors as he says, “Let’s pour green M&M’s on her. But really it all seems rather pointless, dull and strange to say the least.

The Up Side

There are a couple fun ones out there like, “Ryan and Princess T.” At least their family has some fun energy and you can actually see them playing with the toys. They also pick fun toys like Orbeez. But many of these are just simply an adult voice opening a package, slowly then taking out the toy and holding it up closely to the camera.

I’m Guilty

To sum this up, I admit I’m guilty. I will put these on for my grand daughter when I need a rest and let her stare blankly at these mind numbing videos.  But I  can only take them so long then it’s time to turn on Debbie Doo, Signing Time, or Bounce Patrol! At least then they are singing, leaning colors, dances, rhymes and getting something out of staring at the screen.

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