The Adventures of Elf on the Shelf

Fun Elf on the Shelf Ideas

A really sweet holiday tradition to start with your children is Elf on the Shelf. Each year in December your Elf on the shelf will “appear” on December 1st. Each night while your kid’s sleep, place the elf in a new area doing something creative. Then on Christmas Eve you can leave your elf out for Santa to take back to the North Pole until the following year.

Our Family’s Elf on the Shelf Rules

  1. Elf appears on December 1st all the way from the North Pole to bring holiday cheer to the month of December.
  2. Never touch the magical elf with your hand otherwise he/she will lose their magical powers for the day until midnight. But they can carry him/her around in a jar or on an elf stand.
  3. The children get to name your Elf on the Shelf.
  4. Each night while the kid’s sleep the elf gets into some sort of mischief and when they kid’s wake up in the morning they get to go find him/her.
  5. On Christmas Eve we put Elf out with Santa’s cookies for Santa to bring back to the North Pole until the following year.
Here is our Elf making Snow Angels in candy sprinkles.
This Elf dressed up in a ballet outfit just like my granddaughter does every day!
Here are elf is taking a bubble bath in marshmallows!

Elf sleeps with a little teddy bear just like my granddaughter.

Uh oh, what kind of trouble is elf getting in last night?
Looks like she TPed the Christmas Tree!
Poopie-time for Elf!
Elf helps out sometimes and watered the plants for us!
Elf loves hiding in the Christmas decorations.
Elf getting a Piggy-back ride from the Nutcracker.
More snow angels!
Elf waiting for Santa to pick her back up on Christmas Eve.

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