The Meaning of Olivia

The Meaning of Olivia

Olivia is a Latin name meaning “olive tree,” and the feminine alternative to the boy name Oliver. It has been in use in England since the 13th century. In Biblical terms the name Olivia means “peace” as the symbol of the peace is the olive tree.


Olivia is a popular name for girls in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. It has ranked in the top-100 U.S. names since 1990. In 2021 it is in the top ten popular baby names list. Many believe it became so popular recently due to the character Olivia Pop in the tv series Scandal.

Common Nicknames

Liv, Livvie, Ollie, Olive

Famous Olivias

  • Olivia Benson – detective on the TV drama Law & Order:
  • Olivia Frances Culpo – Miss USA and Miss Universe 2012
  • Olivia Goldsmith – American author
  • Olivia Newton-John – singer and actress
  • Olivia Pope – crisis manager on the TV political drama Scandal
  • Olivia Wilde, American Broadway actress and Director

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