The Meaning of Phineas/Finneus


Origins and Meaning of Finneus

Phineas is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin. Possibly from the Hebrew name Pinchas, meaning “oracle” or “made of Brass.”

Biblically the meaning of the name Phineas is: Bold aspect, face of trust or protection. Phineas is also the name of three biblical personages and was popular among the seventeenth century Puritans.

Nicknames for Phineas

Nicknames for Phineas are Finneus, Finnius, Finn, Fin, Finnegan.

Popularity of the Name Phineas

Phineas has not quite made it to the popularity charts yet. But with more and more characters named Finn lately, it will soon be I’m sure. My grandson is named Finneus and I have met several other little Finns lately.

My Sweet Grandson Finn

Famous Finns

Finn (comics), the titular character in the eponymous comic strip in the British comic anthology 2000 AD.
Finn Alnæs, Norwegian novelist
Finn Atkins, British actress
Finn Bálor, ring name of professional wrestler Fergal Devitt
Elizabeth Fearn Finn Carter, American actress
Finn M. W. Caspersen, American financier
Finn Graff, Norwegian illustrator
Finnegan “Finn” Harries, a Youtuber on the YouTube channel JacksGap
Finn Isaksen, Norwegian politician
Finn Christian Jagge, Norwegian alpine skier
Finn Jones English actor
Finn Laudrup, Danish international footballer
Finn Lambrechts, Lieutenant General of the Royal Norwegian Air Force
Finn Nørgaard, Danish filmmaker
Finn Pedersen, Danish Olympic rower
Finn Ronne, Norwegian Antarctic explorer
Finn Russell, professional rugby union player who plays for Glasgow Warriors and the Scottish national team
Finn Taylor, American Norwegian Screenwriter and Director. [3]
Finn Tugwell, Danish table tennis player
Finn Wagle, Norwegian theologian
Finn Wentworth, American entrepreneur and philanthropist
Peter Finn Wittrock, American actor in the soap opera All My Children
Finn Wolfhard, Canadian actor and musician

Phineas, an Anglicized name for the priest Phinehas in the Hebrew Bible
King Phineas, the first king of the Beta Israel in Ethiopia
Phineas Banning, American businessman and entrepreneur
P. T. Barnum , American showman and businessman
Phineas Bowles , British Army major-general
Phineas Bowles, British Army lieutenant-general and Member of Parliament
Phineas F. Bresee, American founder of the Church of the Nazarene
Phineas Bruce, American politician
Phineas Clanton, American Old West cattle rustler and brother of outlaws Billy and Ike Clanton
Phineas Davis, American clockmaker and inventor who designed and built the first practical American coal-burning locomotive
Phineas Fisher, an unidentified hacktivist
Phineas Fletcher, Scottish-English poet
Phineas Gage, American railroad construction foreman whose personality was changed by an accident that destroyed part of his brain
Phineas Hitchcock, American politician
Phineas Hodson, Anglican clergyman and Chancellor of York from 1611 to 1646
Phineas Jones, American politician
Phineas Jenks, American doctor and politician
Phineas C. Lounsbury, American politician and 53rd Governor of Connecticut
Phineas W. Leland, American physician, journalist and politician
Phineas Lovett, farmer, merchant, judge and political figure in Nova Scotia (now part of Canada)
Phineas Lyman, colonial American soldier
Phineas Newborn, Jr., American jazz pianist
Phineas Paist, American architect
Phineas Pett, English shipwright
Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, American religious teacher, philosopher, magnetizer, mesmerist, healer, inventor and writer
Phineas Riall, British general and Governor of Grenada
Phineas Ryrie, Scottish tea merchant in Hong Kong
Phineas J. Stone, American politician
Phineas L. Tracy, American politician
Phineas White, American lawyer and politician
Phineas Young, Mormon pioneer and missionary, older brother of Brigham Young

Characters Names Finn

Finn (comics), the titular character in the eponymous comic strip in the British comic anthology 2000 AD
Finn (Misfits), one of the protagonists of the British TV series Misfits
Finn (Star Wars), in the Star Wars films
Finn, a goldfish mascot in the Goldfish crackers brand
Finn, in the Jackie Chan Adventures TV series
Finn, the wizard in the 1842 opera Ruslan and Lyudmila
Finn, one of the protagonists in the animated TV series Storm Hawks
Finn, in the South Korean-Japanese cartoon series Tai Chi Chasers
Finn, in The Lego Movie
Finn, a character in the novel What I Was by Meg Rosoff
Finn Collins, in The 100 TV series
Finn DeTrolio, in the TV series The Sopranos
Finn Dodd, protagonist of the film How to Make an American Quilt and the novel of the same title it is based on
Huckleberry Finn, a protagonist in the novels The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Phineas Finn, protagonist of Anthony Trollope’s novels Phineas Finn and Phineas Redux
Finn Fish, in the anime/manga Phantom Thief Jeanne
Finn Hudson, in the television show Glee
Finn McMissile, in the movie Cars 2
Finn Nelson, in the British TV series My Mad Fat Diary
Finn O’Connor (Hollyoaks), in the British soap opera Hollyoaks
Michael “Finn” O’Leary, a playable character in the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Finn Sharkey, in the TV series Waterloo Road
Finn Whitman, in The Kingdom Keepers children’s novel series
Finn Collins, from the show “The 100”
Finn the Human, one of the protagonists in the animated series Adventure Time
The Finn, in William Gibson’s science fiction Sprawl trilogy novels
Hamilton “Finn” Finn, character on American soap opera General Hospital

Phineas Nigellus Black, from the Harry Potter series of novels
Phineas Bogg, a character in Voyagers!
Phineas Finn, in Anthony Trollope’s novels Phineas Finn and Phineas Redux
Phineas Flynn, in Phineas and Ferb
Phineas T. Freakears, in Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers
Phineas Horton, a Marvel Comics character
Phineas Sharp, in Darkwing Duck
Phineas, in Allies in Power Rangers: Mystic Force
Phineas, multiple characters in The Haunted Mansion
Phineas or Fyneas a tragic character in the 1959 novel A Separate Peace
Phineas Welles, a mad scientist in action role-playing game The Outer Worlds

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