The Soul of Healing Summit


You may wonder why on a website called, “Time for the Holidays” we are doing posts on Health Summits? Well, for one, having suffered through a mysterious illness for many years myself, as the admin I find it necessary to be healthy to bring people information on subjects such as alternative healing.

So I started a category called, “Celebrating Health.” Having your health is everything. Coming from a standpoint where I am currently still trying to get back to good health and realizing this is done with lifestyle changes, choices and looking outside traditional medicine, I want to make sure this information gets out to everyone.

So today we bring to you, “The Soul of Healing Summit.” How this works it each day there will be different speakers teaching you about alternative ways to help yourself find healing.  Videos will be posted each day and available for you to watch at your convenience for a 24 hour period for seven days. Then on the eighth day, they will do an encore where they are all available again.

If you can’t listen to them or did listen to them but want to own all talks to listen again, or for a gift for someone else, you can also purchase the whole set, with a couple bonus gifts here.

Speakers for Each Day

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