The Weirdest Holidays in March

The Weirdest Holidays in March

You won’t believe some of the weirdest, funniest and quirkiest holidays are in March! Who thinks of these things? And who celebrates them?

  1. National Fruit Compote Day

    Celebrated on March 1st. What the heck is compote you  may ask? Well, a compote is a dessert that originated in 17th century France which is made up of a mixture of whole or pieces of fruit  in sugar syrup. These fruits are cooked in water with added sugar and spices such as cinnamon, orange or lemon peel. This can be served with sour cream and biscuits.
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  2. National Pig Day

    Observed on March 1st. National Pig Day is a day to celebrate your domesticated pig. Around the United States there will be many events events to celebrate National Pig Day at zoos, schools, nursing homes and sporting events, So check out your local newspaper and see if there are any pig parade happening near you!  And give your pig a hug from us!
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  3. National Peanut Butter Lovers Day

    Observed on March 1st. A day to just simply eat things made with peanut butter! Make some cookies or eat it right out of the jar, whatever,  just eat some! Click here for an easy peanut butter cookie recipe!
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  4. Toy Soldier Day

    Observed on March 4th. Although you may think you know what Toy Soldier Day is about, you are probably wrong. TSD was a day made to unite fans of various role-playing activities such as nurses, scout and soldiers.  A fan club called, “The Army of Toy Soldiers” originally started as the fan club of a talented street performer, musician and internet personality known as Dr. Steel. Dr. did shows in  Los Angeles, that combined  puppetry and video projections to help his audience better understand the meanings of his steampunk songs. And it just gets weirder from there. Learn more here about Dr. Steele. 

  5. National Cheese Doodle Day

    Celebrated on March 5th, this day is made to simply enjoy these yummy orange crunchy snacks. Even though nobody can agree on where cheese doodles originally came from, they are here, and here to stay. With over 15 million pounds are being produced annually in traditional cheese or spicy hot flavors, with small, puffy, and different sizes, there is one that you are sure to enjoy!
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  6. National Potty Dance Day

    Observed on March 5th. Yes, you read that right. Potty Dance Day is celebrated all over and apparently to make videos of yourself dancing silly! Check out Potty Dance Day on Youtube.

  7. National Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day

    Observed  on March 11th. This is a day to celebrate a yummy but healthy version of the traditional waffle.  This version of waffle is made with whole grain oats and chopped nuts. So check out this recipe and try it out and start today with a healthy breakfast!
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  8. International Fanny Pack Day

    Observed the second Saturday of March. Nick Yates created International Fanny Pack Day in 2007 after a Christmas party where he received a fanny pack and a fruitcake as gag gifts. He had jokingly put on the fanny pack and put the fruitcake inside it. Later when he saw a homeless man he reached into his fanny pack and gave him the fruitcake. Later he developed this holidays to encourage people to help feed the hungry. He encouraged people to fill their fanny packs with food to hand out to people in need.
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  9. Earmuff Day

    Celebrated on March 13th.
    Earmuffs were created by 15 year old Chester Greenwood after dealing with cold ears after a day of ice skating in Maine. Along  with his grandmother who sewed tufts of fur between loops of wire, Chester soon had invented and eventually patented ear muffs. Celebrate by showing off your pictures wearing your favorite earmuffs….
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  10. National Open an Umbrella Indoors Day

    Celebrated on March 13th. There is an old superstition that says you are not supposed to open an umbrella indoors or else you will have bad luck.  Well, this holiday challenges you to do just that! Open and umbrella indoors then post on social media letting everyone know if you had bad luck or not!
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  11. National Save a Spider Day

    Observed on March 14th. No squishing spiders today! Let the little guy go outside or just leave him alone. National Save a Spider Day is about appreciating the benefits that spiders have to offer. Don’t believe they have any benefits? Well check out this article then, “Why you Should Save a Spider.” And if you are very scared to save a spider, and none else is around to help you then visit here to learn how to remove a spider safely!

  12. National Artichoke Hearts Day

    Observed on March 16th. Artichokes are one of the oldest foods known to man. The plant originated in the Mediterranean region and is part of the sunflower family. According to Greek mythology, Zeus turned his mistress Cynara into the first artichoke plant when he caught her sneaking away from Olympia.  Most artichokes in the US come from California.  And did you know that Marilyn Monroe was crowned “Artichoke Queen” in 1947?  Yep, she was! So boil up an artichoke today, get some melted butter ready and dip away!
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  13. Kick Butts Day – March 16, 2016 

    Observed Third Wednesday in March. Although this holiday sounds pretty funny and some might interpret it wrong, it is actually a day to try to quit smoking. So kick some butt then share your story with us!
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  14. National Corndog Day

    Celebrated on March 17th.You can thank football and Stan Sahnow for National Corndog Day. If you want to read the full story visit here. 

  15. Extraterrestrial Abduction Day

    Observed on March 20th.  In 2008, Toronto hosted an Alien Abduction Festival on March 20 and ever since Alien Abduction Day has been celebrated annually since. If you are interested in abduction cases check out the book, “The Alien Abduction Files: The Most Startling Cases of Human Alien Contact Ever Reported.”

  16. National Bock Beer Day

    Celebrated March 20th. Just when you thought you heard of every holidays, here comes, “National Bock Beer Day.” Well you heard us, it’s time to get on your goat horn hats and enjoy a Bock Beer! To learn what exactly a Bock Beer is, click here. 

  17. Tolkien Reading Day

    Celebrated on March 25th. It has been organised by the Tolkien Society since 2003 to encourage fans to celebrate and promote the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien by reading favourite passages.

  18. Make up your own Holiday Day

    Observed on March 26th. Yep, today you get to pick a person or day and celebrate it showever you’d like! (Maybe this is how we got the holidays above?)

  19. National Joe Day

    Observed on March 27th. This day is to honor all you know who have “Joe” in their name. Whether it be Joe,  Josesph,  Josephine, Joelle.. you get the hint. So party on Joe and enjoy having a day devoted to you!

  20. Something on a Stick Day

    Observed on March 28th. This day is to celebrate things you can eat on a stick. Again, corn dogs come into play, but what else can you think of? Cheese cubes, sausages, shish kabobs to name a few.

There are just a couple of the strange holidays and observances of March. Tell us in the comments below which ones you think are weirdest, which are your favorites and which ones you will be celebrating!  Check out how many strange and funny holidays there actually are in this month of March!

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